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Day to Day (D2D) is a one-hour weekday American radio newsmagazine distributed by National Public Radio (NPR), and produced by NPR in collaboration with Slate. As of 2007, its hosts are Alex Chadwick and Madeleine Brand. It premiered on Monday, July 28 2003, and feeds to stations at 09:00 AM PST with updates through 01:00 PM. Though designed to be aired midday, some stations, particularly those on the West Coast, program D2D as a follow-on to Morning Edition.


NPR created Day to Day to extend NPR news coverage to a midday audience, continuing the tradition of fellow NPR newsmagazines All Things Considered and Morning Edition. Regularly covered topics include news, entertainment, politics and the arts. Contributors include familiar NPR personalities, reporters from NPR member stations, and writers for Slate. One unusual aspect of the show is a story and embedded promotion from a reporter from Marketplace, a show produced by American Public Media.

Day to Day was the first NPR newsmagazine produced at NPR West studios in Culver City, California, a small community near Los Angeles. Morning Edition co-host Renée Montagne now broadcasts from NPR West as well.


While Day to Day is divided into segments similar in length to those on Morning Edition and All Things Considered, there are at least two major differences: the C segment is divided into two sections; and the stories featured on Day to Day are generally shorter.

Day to Day begins with a sixty-second billboard, wherein Alex Chadwick and Madeleine Brand talk about what will be coming up on the show. The billboard is followed by the standard NPR newscast from one minute past to six minutes past the hour. Some stations utilize the last 2.5 minutes of the newscast to deliver local midday news reports. A thirty-second music bed follows, and then Segment A begins.

Segment A (duration 12:29) contains the top story of the day, and usually synopses of longer-term issues viewed through the lens of current events. Segment topics can range from the American judicial system to economics to geopolitics to conversations with notable newsmakers, and more. Segment A closes at nineteen minutes past the hour and leads into a two-minute station break.

At twenty-one after, Segment B (duration 7:49) begins. Segment B composes the remainder of the first half-hour, and as such continues coverage on important news events of the day, or segues into lighter culturally or socially relevant stories. Segment B closes at 28:50 past the hour, and goes into a local break until the bottom of the hour.

At half past the hour, Day to Day returns with Segment C1 (duration 5:14), usually reserved for updates on stories presented in the first half-hour, or different angles on major news stories. Segment C2 (duration 3:59) is home to the Marketplace report, a discussion about an item of business news with a reporter from Marketplace, capped with a short preview of that evening's program. C2 ends at 39:30 after the hour.

Following another thirty-second music break, Day to Day enters Segment D (duration 8:59). There is little specificity to the content of Segment D; stories can range from international and domestic issues to long-term reports on a variety of topics. Segment D runs from forty minutes to forty-nine minutes past the hour, and another two-minute station break ensues.

Segment E (duration 8:20) begins at fifty-one minutes past the hour. For the show's first three years, it was divided into Segments E1 and E2, which lasted roughly three and a half minutes each. On February 20, 2007, Day to Day combined the two E segments into one long one. Segment E is usually devoted to commentary and light features, including "The Unger Report," a satirical take on news and current events. Time permitting, Segment E is followed up by the credits, and Day to Day comes to a close.



For its first two and a half years, Day to Day was usually hosted by either longtime NPR host and correspondent Alex Chadwick or NPR news host Madeleine Brand. On January 16, 2006, Chadwick and Brand began co-hosting each program together. NPR personalities Noah Adams, Alex Cohen and Mike Pesca often serve as substitute hosts for the program.


  • Executive Producer Deborah Clark
  • Supervising Senior Producer Barton "Chip" Grabow
  • Supervising Senior Editor vacant
  • Supervising Senior Planning Producer Kathryn Fox
  • Director vacant
  • Producers Steve Proffitt, Shereen Meraji, Sarah Spivack,
  • Editors Jacob Conrad, Martha Little, Laura Dine, Jason DeRose
  • Staff Reporter Alex Cohen



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