[fuh-dahn, -dan]
A feddan (فدّان, faddān) is a unit of area. It is used in Egypt, Sudan, and Syria. The feddan is not an SI unit and in Arabic, the word means 'a yoke of oxen': implying the area of ground that could be tilled by them in a certain time. In Egypt the feddan is the only non-metric unit which remained in use following the switch to the metric system. Many feddan, 1 Feddo

Equivalent units

1 feddan = 24 kirat = 4200 square metres (m²) = 1.038 acres

In Syria, the feddan ranges from 2295 square metres (m²) to 3443 square metres (m²).

See also

- These are traditional Scottish measuring systems, which are calculated in a similar fashion.

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  • http://www.highway.idsc.gov.eg/govern/Shr.htm
  • http://www.embassysudanindia.org/profile/location.html

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