[per-its; Yiddish. pe-rets]
The Jewish name Peretz may refer to the following people

Other similar names

  • David Paretz, a Bulgarian painter
  • Perec (a Slavonic name) (occasionally, pronounced faultily like [perek])
  • Pharez used in the Book of Genesis (also written as Peretz, Perets)
  • Perutz
  • Perez and Peres (an Iberian family name, confused by some writers with a similar term meaning 'son of the father' and by others with a patronymic for "child of Peter"). Perez is the Spanish form of the Hebrew family name Peretz. It was adopted as a family name by Spanish Hebrew (Sephardi Jews) families during a time of religious intolerance (1318 c.e.) in Spain. The name is also one of the names of the Messiah in Rabbinic tradition. It is a common family name among descendants of Spanish Jewish families that converted during the Inquisition.

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