The state of being a father; fatherhood; paternity. Fathership can also refer to a vessel, aircraft and spacecraft.

In science fiction

In the computer game series Homeworld there are the races Taiidan and the Vaygr. The Vaygr leader is a male called Makaan. The Vaygr's main spaceship which is the mobile command centre and the heart of the fleet is also called the Fathership. He serves as a mobile ship factory, the home of a couple of thousand crewmembers and the flag ship of the Vaygr fleet. Makaan has the post of Fleet Command.
With the use of cybernetic technology the Vaygr's Fathership central consciousness is a convergence of machine and the brain of Makaan. Thus the main spaceship of the Vaygr and also the Taiidan fleets had male central beings. Therefore the main spaceship is also referred to as the Fathership.

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