FASD (Fredericksburg Area Speech and Debate), formerly known as FADC (Fredericksburg Area Debate Club), is a homeschooling debate club based in Virginia.


The alliance is still in its beginning stages, but in time expects to be one of the major forces in homeschool debate in Virginia, as well as Region 9.

They are allied with SVCF, a club from the Shenendoah valley, with whom they share research burdens and the writing of negative briefs. The alliance has been termed VIDA, the Virginia Debate Alliance.

The coach is one of the premier LD debaters in Region 9, who has a few years in policy experience and is willing to share his knowledge of debate with the novices of the club. Recently, several members of the club attended the Training Minds Blue Book Camp in South Carolina, where they were instructed in debate tactics and theory and gained a better understanding of the nuances of policy debate.

FASD is a registered debate club in the NCFCA, National Christian Forensics and Communication Association.

2008-2009 NCFCA Resolution

This year's NCFCA high school debate resolution is:

Resolved: That the United States Federal Government should significantly change its policy toward India.

Debate Sourcebooks

When the resolution is made for the school year, there are many people who work hard to compile source books to give a boost to NCFCA debaters.

Training Minds Ministries has three source books this year:

  • The Blue Book
  • The Blue Book Advanced
  • The Midseason Supplement

Another source book is probably the most useful source book out there, but has the oddest name: The Purple Killer Bunny This source book has now been renamed Ethos

Definitive Debate: An Outlet of Stimulation for an Intellectual’s Mind" is yet another sourcebook.

A final source book is the Black Book which is very useful for negative debating.

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