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Lexington Junior High

Lexington Jr. High is a middle school located in Cypress, California, USA. The school opened in September 1972 to grades 7 and 8; had grades 7, 8, and 9 from September 1973 to June 1980; and went back to being a two-year school in September 1980 when the Anaheim Union High School District changed its high schools from three-year (grades 10, 11, and 12) to four-year (grades 9, 10, 11, and 12).

More than 500 students enrolled in Lexington Jr. High in 2008. It has many classrooms, some of which have been built in recent years. Its soccer and basketball teams made the school famous. In 2008 they won both sports championships in the Anaheim Union High School District. It was developed in 2005.

The School

Lexington Jr. High has more than 20 rooms. It is between Landell and Arnold Elementary School, located on Orange Avenue. It holds a track and a softball/baseball field with tennis courts and inside/outside basketball courts. On the outside, it holds a bike rack and has a flag. Inside the campus, it has the Math Building in front of you when you enter through the front and to the left is the office. As you take the first left, you enter the "Quad", a common place for students to hang out and eat before school and during lunch. To first right are the gym and the locker rooms. The Science building is to the farther-most corner of the school and the elective classes such as Drama and Art are to the left of the building.


Electives Lexington holds a variety of electives from Band to Art, and Wood Shop to Spanish. The elective course also has a special section which is guitar class. The classes are known to showcase their work publicly. Art class annually showcases their work at an Art Contest while Band and Choir perform for various occasions. The school's ASB also sets the dances and the events such as the weekly challenge, usually involving somewhat easy and random things such as eating the most tacos or throwing tortillas into hula hoops. The school's Journalism class lets the students know how to interview and also set up the yearbook.Physical Education The PE uniform includes grey t-shirt with lion symbol in the middle and blue athletic shorts. Both of the uniforms have the owner's last name on them. The PE sports include soccer, American football, basketball, baseball or softball, speedball (American), badminton, volleyball, and volley-tennis. Every week, in order to have a more "together" workout, they have special workouts on Wednesday and Friday; the former involving several different workouts formed into one and the latter involving normal workouts with a mile run. The passing grade is under 12 minutes. There is a special class for students with disabilities.Academics The school has many honors classes, which teach the students at a faster pace. In history, 7th graders learn World History and do several reports. For the 8th graders, they learn America's history and some politics. Science is the same for 7th Regular and 7th Honors. They learn Life Science, and begin to dissect dead objects such as flowers, worms, and frogs but that is near the end of the year. The 8th graders focus on Physical Sciences which could be interpreted with the Periodic Table and the tectonic plates and weather and its formation. Math is said to teach Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra HP and several others. English is a mix of writing, word and sentence form, and morphology, a study of the shape of words.Clubs and Activities Lexington has several activities for students to do in their time here. For the pious and the ones that love God, there is Club Agape, which meets on Wednesdays during lunch in the Drama Room next to the lunch lines. Then there are the future protectors of our fine city in a club led by a policeman. If you are lucky, you get to work for the cafeteria if you get an application. There are sports, too. For those with a rhythym in their step and pep in their cheer, the Lexington Dance/Cheer Team is the group for you! They do a couple of events seeing as they are fairly new, they started in 2006-07 school year. It is led by Ms. Stewart and meets Tuesdays and Thursdays after school. The dances here are wonderfully done by the ASB and the first dance is the Halloween Dance. There you get judged on costume. The next is the Winter Dance where you celebrate the last days before the vacation. After that is the Valentine's Day Dance where you can dance with your sweetie. Then the Glo-dance with many Glo-thingies to pass. The Glo-dance is the last dance for the 7th graders and the 8th graders to have an exclusive dance with awesome free food and great music. For those with an aptitude for something other than roof-raising, the Academic Pentathalon will fit the need. Or you try your skills at performing in the school's talent show.


The school has several sports. There are at least twelve in the year going periodically and then one which is Dance that lasts the entire year. In the office where you get your registration packet, you see several awards going towards this school for Volleyball, Soccer, Softball, and various others. Like most districts, there are at least two rivals and we are no exception. Our rival is Walker Jr. High. We have Girl's and Boy's Soccer, Girl's and Boy's Basketball, Softball, Girl's and Boy's Tennis, Flag Football (girls can try out, one has made the team in recent years as well), Track, Cross Country (the rumors are true, it accepts everyone so long as you can run), Swim (we don't have a pool so you go to Cypress High), and Girl's and Boy's Volleyball. At the end of the year, the teachers and the students compete in an epic battle. It was (in order of occurrence) Basketball, Volleyball, and Softball. In the 07-08 year, the Lions did well against the teachers but the Lady Lions struggled.Soccer In 2007, Lexington Jr. High became successful at soccer. In 2008, the girls team won with no losses and became the district champion. Basketball In 2008, the boys basketball also won with good scores. The average score was at least 30 points. The average game point was 30-21.


In October, there is a fundraiser where the students run 5k around the block.

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