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Fire Flies


Fire Flies are an American rock band from New York City.

General information

Formerly the Baobabs, Fire Flies met and formed in the music department at SUNY Purchase. The group describes itself as a blend of David Bowie and The Flaming Lips with a hint of hip-hop added to the mix. They are known to have a penchant for singing about aliens and robots, and have a large following of loyal fans. Fire Flies recorded their first album, entitled Baobabs In The Basement, in their dorm room over the course of a semester, and released a new, more professionally recorded LP called Two New Sciences! in June 2007.

Their song "More Than This" is now being used on HBO promos.

Two New Sciences!

Two New Sciences! was officially released in June 2007. The band hosted a record release party at the club Crash Mansion in New York City's Lower East Side. At the release show, the group performed the new album in its entirety, including songs featuring a 20-member choir. The choir included New York-based artists Ingrid Michaelson , Bess Rogers, Jenny Owen Youngs, Polly Amorous, and members of The Age of Rockets, Gregory and the Hawk, Paper and Sand and Communication Corporation.

The band has been playing songs from the album at their performances dating back as early as 2003. Live songs not included on Two New Sciences! include: "I Don't Love You," "Hard to Find," "God in Disguise," "Now is Never," "Work for Money," "Shining Through," "I Changed for You," "Until We're Gone" and "The Floor is Lava."



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