Fanning Island

Fanning Island

Fanning Island: see Tabuaeran.
Fanning can refer to:

  • Tabuaeran, also known as Fanning Atoll or Fanning Island, one of the Line Islands of the central Pacific Ocean.
  • Fanning (firearms), a revolver shooting technique in which one hand holds the revolver and the other hits the revolver hammer repeatedly for an increased rate of fire.
  • Fanning friction factor, a dimensionless number used in fluid flow calculations.
  • Fan Dancing, a dance art form with now takes both classic and more modern forms.
  • Flagging Dancing, or flag dancing -- which includes the modern forms of Fan Dancing, Fanning, or Fan Spinning.

Among specific people:

  • Dakota Fanning (b.1994), an American child actress.
  • Elle Fanning (b. 1998), an American child actress and younger sister of Dakota.
  • Edmund Fanning (1769-1841), an American explorer.
  • Edmund Fanning (colonial administrator) (1739-1818), an American-born administrator for the British government in New York and Loyalist; later a governor in Canada.
  • Juan Fanning (1824-1881), a Peruvian naval officer and war hero.
  • Nathaniel Fanning (1755-1804), an American naval officer and war hero.
  • Shawn Fanning (b. 1980), a computer programmer and creator of the original Napster application.
  • Bernard Fanning (b. 1969), an Australian musician, best known for his role as the lead singer of the Australian rock band Powderfinger.
  • Dave Fanning, an Irish television and radio personality.

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