Framed (film)

Framed (1947) is a black-and-white film noir directed by Richard Wallace and featuring Glenn Ford. The B-movie is generally praised by critics as an effective crime thriller despite its low budget.


Mike Lambert takes to driving a truck when he falls on hard times. When his rig breaks stop working in a small town he meets Paula Craig (Janis Carter) at the La Paloma Cafe and is quickly drawn into a criminal plot devised by the seductive femme fatale.

Paula talks her boyfriend, Stephen, into robbing the bank that he manages, then kills Stephen and takes the all of the stolen cash. She then confesses the killing to Mike and begs him to run away with her, claiming she murdered Stephen in a fit of passion while drunk. Mike considers her offer until he learns that his close friend Jeff gets accused of the killing -- and that Paula intends to pin the robbery that Stephen committed on his friend.


Critical reception

Critic Mark Deming called the film, "[a] superior low-budget film noir.

Film critic Dennis Schwartz liked the film and wrote, "Janis Craig gives a very sexy and dangerous performance, which plays off very well against Glenn Ford's very earnest one of the good guys who can't get a lucky break. Even when he finds someone he could love she turns out to be poison, someone who was about to poison his coffee until she was reassured that he does not know something incriminating about her role in the crime. It was an entertaining B-film that ably caught how an honest but [a] desperate man reacts after hooking up with a falsehearted woman. The good performances overcame the cheap production values and slight story.


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