falling from grace

Falling from Grace (film)

Falling from Grace is a 1992 drama film, produced by Little B and distributed by Columbia Pictures. Rock singer John Mellencamp makes his acting and directorial debut in this story by Lonesome Dove author, Larry McMurtry. The story contains many similarities to Mellencamp's real life. It is Mellencamp's sole directing credit.



Bud Parks is a country music star whose meanderings and philandering has thrown his life into turmoil. He returns to his native Indiana to try and reestablish a normal life. Instead, he takes up with an old lover (Lenz), ignoring his loving wife (Hemingway), and duplicating the lifestyle of his womanizing father (Akins).


Track listing

  1. "Bud's Theme" (Instrumental) - Lisa Germano
  2. "Cradle of the Interstate" - Nanci Griffith
  3. "Whiskey Burnin'" - Larry Crane
  4. "Common Day Man" - Dwight Yoakam
  5. "It Don't Scare Me None" - John Mellencamp
  6. "Searchin' for the Perfect Girl" - Pure Jam
  7. "All the Best" - John Prine
  8. "Hold Me Like You Used to Do" - Qkumbrz
  9. "Sweet Suzanne" - Buzzin' Cousins (John Mellencamp, Dwight Yoakam, John Prine, Joe Ely, James McMurtry)
  10. "Nothing's for Free" - John Mellencamp
  11. "Little Children" (Instrumental) - Lisa Germano
  12. "Days Like These" - Janis Ian
  13. "Falling from Grace" - Larry Rollins

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