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Things Falling Apart

Things Falling Apart (also known as Halo 16) is an album by Nine Inch Nails released in 2000. Things Falling Apart is the sixteenth official Nine Inch Nails release and is the companion remix disc to The Fragile. The unofficial U.S. promo CD for Into the Void is also labeled as Halo 16.

The remix of "10 Miles High", originally a Fragile B-side, is an alternate version of the album cut. The left and right channels are reversed, the introduction is shortened, the end section has a guitar track featured in the middle of the original, and the volume is generally louder than the original.

"Slipping Away" is a remixed version of sections edited out of the track "Into The Void". "Into The Void," in its original form (with what would become "Slipping Away" intact), was nine minutes long.

"The Great Collapse" is an outtake from The Fragile with the chorus from "The Wretched".

"Metal" is a cover of the Gary Numan song originally released on his album The Pleasure Principle.

The last track, a Starfuckers, Inc. remix, involved heavy use of layering, reverb and delay, low- and hi-pass filtering, buffer effects, vocoding, warping and distortion until it resembles crashing at the end.

"10 Miles High"

"10 Miles High" was written by Trent Reznor with instrumentation by Reznor and Keith Hillebrandt. The Song has been played a few times live notably on the with teeth tour.

It appears on:

  • The vinyl version of The Fragile, but not the CD or cassette versions. A brief portion of it is included between "The Mark Has Been Made" and "Please" on the CD version, and it is the first song on the third record on the vinyl version.
  • Part one of the three-part CD single We're in This Together, as a B-side along with another song that didn't make the CD or Cassette version of The Fragile: "The New Flesh".
  • Things Falling Apart. Here, it appears in remixed form, but the only real difference is the lack of ambience at the beginning, swapped left and right audio channels, and the replacement of a guitar loop from earlier in the song to the track's ending.

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