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Got Some Teeth

"Got Some Teeth" was Obie Trice's first single from his debut album Cheers. The song was used as the theme song for the character "Compton-ass Terry" in the TV show Viva la Bam on MTV

The song details his various encounters with women in a bar. In the first verse he meet "Veronica," and invites her to Cheers and then offers her sex and various acts outside of the bar. The second verse Trice is enticed to approach "Karen," but doesn't due to her having a venereal disease and many children with various men. She still confronts him for a one-night stand because she doesn't want to go home to another night of masturbation, Trice agrees saying that he wouldn't want to head home with a woman who has implants. He leaves the bar to find a group of women making fun of him until he opens fire on them via a gun he had hidden in the trunk of his car. In the last verse the bar is filled with obese women and Trice feels out of place because he has a "big-girl disorder." He leaves to find another bar with thinner women and exclaims "Lean Cuisine wouldn't hurt much."

The chorus details Trice' hopes of waking up after a one night stand to a woman without fake teeth (portrayed in the video as dentures).

The music video for the song features Eminem as a bartender, "disguised" with a moustache, and Kuniva (of D12) as another bartender.

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