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BBC One 'Circle' idents

The BBC 'Circle' idents are a set of on-screen channel identities that debuted on BBC One at 10am BST on 7 October 2006. They were announced on 26 September 2006 as the replacement for the 'Rhythm & Movement' idents and were designed and produced for the BBC by Red Bee Media. The idents are also used on BBC America, the BBC's outlet in the United States.

A circle symbol was decided upon as the theme for the idents since it was described as a 'symbol of togetherness', but also a 'nod' towards the channel's heritage and in particular, the use of a globe logo for much of its history. All idents involve the basis of the action to be shown, be that footballers kicking a ball or children playing with flowers before the circle is shown to form and the BBC One logo animates onto the screen.

Imran Hanif composed the music for all idents, having been selected from a shortlist of 12 composers and bands.

List of idents

Name Image Description Air dates
Bikes A group of three motorcycle stunt riders ride the "wall of death". Filmed at Shepperton Studios and directed by Stuart Douglas. October 2006–present
Capes Numerous people in colourful rain coats on bikes ride through a rain storm, as people look watch, the sun comes out. The final shot shows all the bikers forming a rainbow-like circle at a roundabout. Filmed on public highways in London and a private car park at Earls Court August 2008–present
Dog Display A pack of dogs doing circles tricks, including jumping through fire hoops, jumping over fences and weaving in and out of sticks laid out in a circle which then produces the 'BBC One' form up. Filmed in the garden of a stately home in Wrotham Park in Hertfordshire. August 2008–present
Football An example of how precision football passing might appear if players were able to make incredibly complex mathematical calculations when playing. Filmed at the Habersdasher Estate in North London and directed by Howard Greenhalgh. October 2006–present
Forest The natural world, and a group of fairies come together to create a magical fairy circle in sunlit woodland. Directed by Matt Losasso. June 2007–present
Helicopter An aerial shot of a helicopter landing on the top of a lighthouse. The three variations of the ident include slower paced versions. This is the most sombre of all the idents January 2008–present
Hippos Based on sychronised swimming whales in an episode of children's television series Charlie and Lola. Produced using a combination of computer animation and live action backgrounds and directed by Charlie Mawer and Mike McGee. October 2006–present
Kites A group of kite flying enthusiasts gather together to create a circle effect with their kites. Filmed at Ynyslas beach in Wales and directed by Matthias Hoene. It was the first ident from the new package shown. This ident is often used to link into the News. October 2006–present
Lawn Circles A group of suburban 'Stepford' wives mow a series of crop circles in to their lawns. July 2007–present
Mission Control A group of British scientists successfully launch a pod to land on a distant planet. Out of the pod emerges a curious rover that begins drawing circles on the face of the planet. Filmed at Shepperton Studio and directed by Matt Losasso. June 2007–present
Moon People on fishing boats come together to form the moon out of separate sections. Filmed at the Kamenjak peninsula in northern Croatia and directed by Howard Greenhalgh. October 2006–present
Neon Neon figures come to life, and take a ride on a ferris wheel. Shot in Blackpool the ident was conceived by James Spence and animated by Brand New School, New York. The ident is used before programmes during Saturday evenings. October 2007–present
Penguins The Christmas ident for 2007 was given a slight makeover for every day use, the ident now has new music, and the bauble Christmas tree is gone. This Ident is rarely shown. February 2008–present
Roses (previously Petals) A group of children are shown playing with the natural flowers in a meadow before joining hands to form a "ring-a-roses" dance. Filmed in Coton, Northamptonshire and directed by Stuart Douglas. October 2006–present
Surfers Carlos 'Coco' Nogales and others ride a huge wave before crashing down after formation of the BBC One logo. Filmed at Puerto Escondido on the west coast of Mexico and directed by Howard Greenhalgh. October 2006–present
Windows Residents on a housing estate use their windows to reflect sunlight into a ring. Filmed at the Greenwich Millennium Village in south east London and directed by Matthias Hoene. October 2006–present

Special idents

Name Image Description Air dates
Snowball The 2006 Christmas ident, a community in an alternate setting come together to build a giant snowball. This was filmed using various sized polystyrene snowballs: the largest was high. The ident first aired on Saturday 16 December at around 6.00pm. The ident finished on New Year's Day after BBC Breakfast when the original idents were restored. This ident was revived for Christmas 2007 to run alongside the Penguins which also debuted on Saturday 15 December. In 2008, this ident was last shown into 'weatherview' on New Years Eve around 2am. Christmas 2006 and Christmas 2007
Daffodils A special Saint David's Day ident used on BBC One Wales. The ident uses the 'Moon' ident music March 1, 2007,
March 1, 2008
Red Nose Day Hippos Shown before Comic Relief-related programmes in 2007, a variation to the regular 'Hippos' ident, but some of the hippos wore red noses. March 16, 2007
Penguins This sequence was shot at an ice-rink in Romford, with the playful penguins created in 3D animation. The ident first aired on Saturday 15 December at 6.10pm. 'Penguins' was last aired before linking into BBC News 24 on New Years Eve at 2.25am. Christmas 2007
(BBC Won Wales) Ident used by BBC One Wales due to Wales' win over England in the 2008 Six Nations Championship. The ident uses the 'Bike' ident music and reads 'BBC Won' instead of 'BBC One' February 2008
Forest (Chameleon) Same sequence as the main 'Forest' ident, with a Chameleon appearing in the bottom right sticking its tongue out and catching a fairy. The ident is to promote the programme Life in Cold Blood about the natural history of amphibians and reptiles. February–March 2008

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