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Fair Weather was a British rock band formed in 1970 by former Amen Corner guitarist and vocalist, Andy Fairweather-Low. They are best known for their track, "Natural Sinner".


The band evolved from a split within Amen Corner. While saxophone players Alan Jones and Mike Smith went on to form Judas Jump, Fairweather-Low led Dennis Byron (drums), Blue Weaver (organ), Clive Taylor (bass) and Neil Jones (guitar) into the new band, Fair Weather. The band scored a UK Singles Chart Number 6 hit with "Natural Sinner"/"Haven't I Tried (To Be A Good Man)" in 1970 and recorded one album, Beginning From An End. From the latter were drawn three more singles, "Lay It On Me"/"Looking for the Red Label Pt. 2", "Tutti Frutti"/"Road To Freedom" and "Poor Man's Bum A Run"/"Don't Mess With Cupid". None charted and Fair Weather disbanded in 1971.

Fairweather-Low went on to a successful solo career before taking up regular work with Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Roger Waters.

Weaver joined Strawbs and became an in-demand session player with Mott the Hoople, Pet Shop Boys and the Bee Gees.



  • Beginning From An End (1971)
    • "God Cried Mother"
    • "Don' Mess With Cupid"
    • "Dead and Past"
    • "I Hear You Knocking"
    • "You Ain't No Friend"
    • "Sit and Think"
    • "Looking for the Red Label"
    • "Poor Man's Bum a Run"
    • "Natural Sinner"
    • "Haven't I Tried"
    • "Tutti Frutti"
    • "Road to Freedom"
    • "Lay It on Me"
    • "Looking for the Red Label, Pt. 2


  • "Natural Sinner" (1970) - RCA (RCA 1977) - No. 6 UK
  • "Lay It On Me"
  • "Tutti Frutti"
  • "Poor Man's Bum A Run"

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