Not for the Faint of Heart!

Not for the Faint of Heart! is an album by Jason Morphew. It was released on June 19, 2001 on Ba Da Bing!.

Track listing

  • 1. Figueroa Feelings
  • 2. Freak You Out
  • 3. You Pay For The Atmosphere
  • 4. Getting Ready To Go
  • 5. Why Isn't Anybody Dancing?
  • 6. Spiritual Librarian
  • 7. Things I'll Never Know
  • 8. Caller Id
  • 9. Yours
  • 10. That Boy Could Sing
  • 11. Hippies Of California
  • 12. Novato Police
  • 13. Elvis Was A Mama's Boy
  • 14. Not For The Faint Of Heart!
  • 15. Psychedelia
  • 16. J-A-S-O-N
  • 17. Trail Of Broken Hearts
  • 18. Mountain Of Our Love
  • 19. Cop Spotlight
  • 20. Time To Go Away

Though the album came out before the Morphew album The Duke of Arkansas, it was recorded after that record. In interviews promoting Not For the Faint of Heart! Morphew noted that the album was composed of recordings he made immediately after writing the songs--in other words, these are the acoustic demos recorded in order to remember the melodies and lyrics. Other facts revealed in interviews include: the track "Elvis Was a Mama's Boy" was recorded using singer-songwriter Franklin Bruno's guitar amp, "Spiritual Librarian" was written after hearing a story bespectacled duetist Krissy Clark told Morphew about an encounter she had with a homeless man in Santa Cruz, California, and "J-A-S-O-N" was inspired by the label on a Brooklyn Brewery beer bottle. In interviews with Canadian music publications since its release, Morphew has expressed frustration that people think this music is "down-trodden," noting that, "I've never written or recorded anything as goofy and vulnerable as 'J-A-S-O-N.' I've never written a sad song that doesn't make fun of itself or have a joke somewhere in it. People call me 'haunted.' Well, my sad songs are haunted by happiness'"

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