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Shut Up, It's Christmas

Shut Up, It's Christmas is a promo-only EP released by Suddenly, Tammy! in 1995.

Track listing

  1. "There In My Head"
  2. "Linus and Lucy"
  3. "Plant The Halls"
  4. "Snowman"
  5. "Whole Lotta Girl"
  6. "Merry"
  7. "Rock'n'Roll Santa Claus"


  • "Plant The Halls" is an adaptation of the song "Plant Me" from the 1993 album Suddenly, Tammy!.
  • "Snowman" is a 1989 demo version, not the version that appears on (We Get There When We Do.).
  • "Whole Lotta Girl" is a 1993 demo version of a song intended for release on the album Comet.
  • "Merry" is a song that was intended for release on Comet.
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