Louis Monaco

Louis Monaco, born April 28, 1968 in Denver, CO, is a heavyweight boxer. Nicknamed "The Facelifter", Monaco is a heavyweight clubfighter who fought several significant fighters of his era.

Monaco turned pro in 1995. He has been beaten by Eric Esch, Trevor Berbick, Kirk Johnson, Vitali Klitschko, Lamon Brewster, Fres Oquendo, Lance Whitaker, and Maurice Harris. But he also had some notable wins, particularly earlier in his career, when he drew with former kickboxer Rick Roufus, knocked out Peter McNeeley and beat Michael Dokes. His biggest win came by KO over a then-undefeated Kevin McBride.

Monaco nearly brought Buster Douglas's comeback to a screeching halt during their match in a 1997. In a bizarre ending, Monaco landed a right hand just after the bell to end round one that knocked Douglas to the canvas. Douglas was unable to continue after a five-minute rest period, thus he was awarded the win by disqualification in a fight that was aired on USA-TV's "Tuesday Night Fights" program.

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