MediaCorp is a state-owned group of commercial media companies in Singapore specialising primarily in television and radio broadcasting, and to a lesser extent, in periodicals and newspaper publishing and film-making. At present, MediaCorp runs six television channels and 14 radio channels, making it the largest media broadcaster and provider in Singapore. It is also a monopoly in free-to-air TV in Singapore.


Before 2001, MediaCorp was formerly known as:

Important events

Year Date Event
1963 June 1 It was started as the first radio station in Singapore. It started a TV service in 15 February 1963. 2 April, regular TV services was launch on Channel 5. On 23 November the same year, the second channel, Channel 8, was launched. Channel 5 shows some of the English and Malay programmes while the Channel 8 shows some of the Chinese and Tamil programmes.
1966 Old broadcast house moved to current TV studio at Caldecott Hill. Old broadcast house was redeveloped into drama street scene.
1976 It started a colour television service.
1984 It launched the TV12 channel, and in 1994, had them separated into Prime 12 and Premiere 12.
1990 SBC launched Stereo on all TV channels.
1994 SBC revamp all channel and launched their own channel's logo which currently using.
1994 SBC becomes Television Corporation of Singapore (TCS), one of the three companies created from the privatisation process.
1995 Channel 5 and 8 started 24-hour broadcasts.
1997 Channel 8 productions were exported to the Taiwanese cable market via TCSI (TCS International), a cable network in Taiwan. Popular serials included Fann Wong's Return of the Condor Heroes.
1999 SIM Group of Companies underwent corporate restructure, became the Media Corporation of Singapore, or MediaCorp Singapore.
1999 MediaCorp started Channel NewsAsia (CNA), the firm's news channel, which can also be received regionally by cable or satellite subscription.
2000 Prime 12 and Premiere 12 were renamed to Suria and Central respectively. That year, it launched SportCity (later rename CityTV on 2001) for all sports programmes, which ceased transmission in 2002 due to the regional economic slowdown.
2001 TCS becomes MediaCorp TV.
2001 TVMobile started operation and it became the world's first outdoor digital TV system, broadcasting on some 1500 SBS Transit buses.
2001 To end the monopoly MediaCorp TV had on the media, Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) was given the licence to enter the broadcasting arena, thereby creating SPH Mediaworks TV, which launched Channel U and TV Works (renamed to Channel I the same year). At the same time, MediaCorp was given the license to print, write and distribute the free daily tabloid, Today.
2004 To stop further economic losses, MediaCorp and SPH agreed to merge their free-to-air television and free newspaper operations.
2004 31 December MediaCorp and SPH announced that the merger is legally completed, thereby creating the new holding company, MediaCorp TV Holdings, which now owns Channel 5, Channel 8, TVMobile and Channel U.
2005 1 January Channel U joins MediaCorp. Channel i went off the air and ceased transmission.
2006 MediaCorp launches its online broadband television MOBTV.
2006 May MediaCorp began a HDTV trial channel, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers was the first movie to be shown on the channel.
2006 2 October Subtitles for news bulletins was launched on Channel 5 for the hearing impaired viewers.
2006 3 December Subtitles for news bulletins was launched on Channel 8 and Suria.
2007 09 December Channel 8 celebrates 25 years drama anniversary, with Xie Shaoguang and Huang Biren winning the coveted 'My Favourite Actor' and 'My Favourite Actress' awards respectively.
2007 19 March Forced to lock out United States listeners of its webcasts due to royalty rates imposed by Copyright Royalty Board, in America.
2007 11 November MediaCorp officially rolled out HD5, its first free-to-air HD channel, which is an HD-version of Channel 5.
2007 November URL for Channel 8 and Channel 5 websites were updated to use the address instead of the former
2008 23 April MediaCorp TV came out with a new look and a new forum for the Channel 5, Channel 8 and Channel U websites.
2008 19 October MediaCorp TV12 launched the new channel okto that replaced Kids Central and Arts Central. It has also launched Vasantham to replace the Central channel and take its position to be full-fledged free-to-air Tamil channel in Singapore.


MediaCorp Group comprises the following divisions:


MediaCorp is 100% owned by Temasek Holdings, the Singapore government's wholly owned investment arm.


MediaCorp is currently located at Andrew Road, Caldecott Broadcasting Centre. In 2010, it will be relocated to a 70,000 square metres site in Bukit Batok.


Board of Directors

  • Chairman: Ho Kwon Ping

General Management

MediaCorp Group's Strategic Business Units (SBUs) are managed quite independently from the parent group.

MediaCorp TV Channels

MediaCorp offers 6 free-to-air terrestrial television channels:

Name of Channel Description
Channel 5 is a 24-hour, English-language general-entertainment channel covering the drama, variety, news, comedy, sports, infotainment and movie genres. Successful local productions include reality series The Dance Floor as well as foreign adaptation Singapore Idol. Its local productions have won numerous regional and international accolades and include long-running comedies such as PCK Pte Ltd and Police & Thief, and drama series such as Parental Guidance. Channel 5 also offers a mix of top American programmes such as dramas like Ugly Betty, Desperate Housewives and Grey's Anatomy to reality shows such as The Amazing Race, Survivor and America's Next Top Model. There is a simulcast HD version of this channel, MediaCorp TV HD5.
Channel 8 is a 24-hour, Mandarin-language channel. It is the highest-rated channel in Singapore, airing local and regionally-made Chinese dramas, variety shows, news and current-affairs programmes. Special Chinese-language events, such as the NKF Charity Show, Star Search and Star Awards are also broadcast on this channel.
Channel U is MediaCorp's second Chinese-language channel. It aims to reach the younger generation, providing an alternative to traditional commercial television programming. It has a slogan 带动亚洲流行, or "Leading Asia's Trends".
Central is a combination of Kids Central, an English-language channel for children, Arts Central, an English-language channel featuring the arts, and Vasantham Central, a Tamil-language channel for dramas.
Suria is a Malay-language channel featuring Malay dramas and popular programmes. Its tagline, "Suria, Sinar Bersama Anda ", means "Suria, Shines With You". Showing programmes like Anugerah 2005, Pesta Pesta Pesta and Dia, Suria has achieved recognition in the non-Malay community, drawing media attention in Singapore and surrounding regions.
Channel NewsAsia is an English-language regional channel for international news and current affairs.
TVMobile is the world's first outdoor digital television channel. Aired on public buses, it features reruns and simulcasts of shows from its sister channels and occasionally features original content, e.g., shorts produced in collaboration with Nanyang Polytechnic. It is broadcasted as a free-to-air channel using the Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) standard, but can only be received with a digital set-top box by home viewers.

Notable Shows for MediaCorp TV

TV drama and sitcom series

MediaCorp celebrates 25 years of local Chinese dramas in 2007.Chinese language:

Year Name of Drama Description
1982 Seletar Robbery
First Singapore telemovie
1984 The Awakening
The first blockbuster epic drama
1996 The Golden Pillow
First drama to have scenes filmed overseas, in Turkey
The Unbeatables
First drama series in Singapore about gambling. Its three seasons were released in 1993, 1996 and 2002 respectively.
1996 Don't Worry, Be Happy The first local Chinese sitcom
1998 Return of the Condor Heroes
The most expensive blockbuster wuxia drama ever produced by MediaCorp, based on Louis Cha's novel. The serial made waves in the Taiwan and China markets and was repeated due to overwhelming audience demand. It also made screen idols out of Fann Wong and Christopher Lee, who were the charismatic leads.
2003 Always On My Mind Starring Fann Wong, this serial was made to commemorate the sacrifices of the brave members of the Singapore medical profession during the SARS crisis.
2003 Holland V
The second longest Chinese drama in Singapore history with 125 episodes. Biggest winner in Star Awards 2003, winning best M/F Lead and M/F supporting.
2004 The Champion
The drama series about swimming starred Singaporean and Taiwanese artistes and was extremely popular.
2004 Double Happiness
The longest Chinese drama, it had 130 episodes in two parts. The first part was shown from May to August, while the second part began in October
2005 Portrait of Home
The third longest Chinese drama with 100 episodes in two parts. The first part (60 episodes) aired from May to July, while the second part (40 episodes) began in October. Was nominated for best drama serial in 2005, but lost to A New Life.
2007 The Peak
Sponsored by Keppel, filming went as far as Brazil.
2007 Kinship
MediaCorp's long-running 80-episode Chinese drama in 2007.
2007 Honour and Passion
A 20-episode military drama series sponsored by the Singaporean Ministry of Defence
2007 The Golden Path
A 30-episode blockbuster drama celebrating MediaCorp's 25 years of local Chinese drama.
2008 Love Blossoms
Mediacorp's long-running 110-episode Chinese drama in 2008
English language:

TV variety shows

TV charity shows

Major shows

  • Singapore Idol, 新加坡偶像 - The Singapore version of American Idol on Channel 5 in English language.
  • Live the Dream - Channel 5's brand new reality talent show for aspiring singers aged 25 and above to take that golden shot at fulfilling their dream.
  • The Dance Floor - The search for outstanding dancers. Started in 2007.
  • Star Search, 才华横溢出新秀 - Started in 1988, the talent quest event is held once per the two year, except in 2005 due of more talent search like Star Idol, Project SuperStar, SuperHost, but it returned in 2007. The programme is broadcast on Channel 8 in the Chinese language.
  • Star Awards, 红星大奖 - The annual award ceremony, rewarding the achievements of the artistes who contributed to Channel 8, mostly in the Chinese language.
  • Talentime - The first talent quest event in Singapore history, on Channel 5.
  • Miss Singapore Universe, 新加坡环球小姐 - A pageant contest choosing one lady out of the whole to represent Singapore for Miss Universe and offered MediaCorp contracts, on Channel 5.
  • Project SuperStar, 绝对 SuperStar - A Chinese equivalent of Singapore Idol, but with MediaCorp's own contest rules rather than following the lines of Singapore Idol. It has become such an overwhelming success that Malaysian Tv station 8TV has bought rights to copy this talent search, under the same programme name.
  • Campus SuperStar, A variant of the Super series of talent searches. It only involves Students.
  • SuperHost, A variant of the Super series of talent searches. As the name suggests, The talent search is to find the best television host in Singapore.
  • SuperBand, A variant of the Super series of talent searches. The Talent Search is to find the best bands in Singapore.
  • Star Idol, 明星偶像 - An acting talent quest to test their acting skills.

News and current affairs

  • News 5 Tonight (wrap-up of the day's news in English)
  • Talking Point
  • Get Real! (The Current Affairs Show in Singapore, hosted by Diana Ser)
  • The Frontline, 前线追踪 (The Chinese Current Affairs Show, investigative programme shown every Friday night.)
  • Cross fire

Other shows

MediaCorp Radio Stations

FM Stations

Frequency Station Language Genre
90.5 MHz Gold 90.5FM English Oldies (1960s-1990s)
92.4 MHz Symphony 92.4FM English Classical music
93.8 MHz 938LIVE English News and information
95.0 MHz Class 95FM English Adult Contemporary
98.7 MHz 987FM English Contemporary hits, Top 40
99.5 MHz Lush 99.5FM English Adult
93.3 MHz Y.E.S. 93.3FM (醉心频道) Chinese Contemporary hits
95.8 MHz Capital 95.8FM (城市频道) Chinese Infotainment, oldies
97.2 MHz Love 97.2FM (最爱频道) Chinese, English Adult
89.7 MHz Ria 89.7FM Malay, English Contemporary hits
94.2 MHz Warna 94.2FM Malay General
96.8 MHz Oli 96.8FM (ஒலி) Tamil Infotainment, general
96.3 MHz XFM 96.3
French, German, Japanese General

Radio's 70th Anniversary Gag

DJs were locked up in rooms in Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza in February 2006 to celebrate 70 years of Radio in Singapore.

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