A Hog-Eye in Missouri is a small compact place sunk in a hollow. There were once several places in Missouri called Hog-Eye:

Towns of this name in other states include:

Other uses for Hog-Eye or Hogeye include:

  • The Hogeye Marathon and Relays, held in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
  • The Hogeye Festival, held in Elgin, Texas.
  • As a symbol of school pride and several chants (however not the school mascot) at Livingston Academy in Livingston, Tennessee.
  • Nickname of Bethsaida, Tennessee.
  • Hogeye (ISBN 0-395-74276-5), A children's novel by Susan Meddaugh.
  • A Hog-Eye was distinctive flat-bottom boat or barge used in the shallow waters surrounding San Francisco Bay during the California Gold Rush, named from the dismissive name 'ditch-hog' applied to rivermen by deep-water sailors.
  • The term "hog-eye" was used in early blues songs as a euphemism for the female genitalia.

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