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Credit to the Nation

Credit to the Nation (CttN) were an English hip hop outfit, who had moderate chart success in the early 1990s.


Formed by Matthew (Matty) David Hanson (b. Wednesbury, West Midlands, England, aka MC Fusion), with his dancers, Tyrone (T-Swing) and Kelvin (Mista-G), the band became noted in 1993 after several months of sponsorship by Chumbawamba, with whom they recorded the joint single, "Enough Is Enough".

Hanson wrote lyrics highlighting flaws in the philosophies of gangsta hip-hop, whilst attacking homophobia, sexism and racisim. The follow-up single "Call It What You Want", cheekily sampled the guitar riff used by Nirvana on "Smells Like Teen Spirit". This helped find Credit to the Nation an audience outside of the rap market with the student alternative/indie market in the UK.


Their subsequent singles "Teenage Sensation" (which broke into the UK Top 30 in March 1994) and "Hear No Bullshit, See No Bullshit, Say No Bullshit" were followed by the release of their debut album "Take Dis."

CttN's career stalled as a second album was delayed by external pressures (including allegations of Hanson's drug abuse problems) and following its release Hanson left One Little Indian Records.

Hanson departure

Hanson then signed to the German independent Laughing Horse record label in 1997, recording an album in Hamburg from which a new single, "Tacky Love Song", was released. Sampling Radiohead's "High and Dry", it received some positive reviews but failed to make an impression on the chart. The third album, "Keep Your Mouth Shut", was never officially released.

Current Location

Currently appearing in the band Backup Radio on Crossflow Recordings, who combine Hip Hop, Breakbeat and old skool breaks with heavy guitar driven song writing. The rest of the band are Karl Morey, DJ Philly Blunt, David McMillan and Tom Flinders.

Selected Discography


  • Call It What You Want (1993) UK #57
  • Enough Is Enough (1993) UK #56
  • Teenage Sensation (1994) UK #23
  • Sowing The Seeds Of Hatred (1994) UK #72
  • Liar Liar (1995) UK #60
  • Mad Dog (1995)
  • Tacky Love Song (1998) UK #60


  • Take Dis (1993)
  • Daddy Always Wanted Me To Grow A Pair of Wings (1996)
  • Keep Your Mouth Shut (1998)


  • Guinness Book Of Hit Singles, 12th edition (for section on Singles)

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