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Brother Brat

Brother Brat (1944 July 15) is a Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon short, starring Porky Pig and directed by Frank Tashlin. It runs for about seven minutes, and is in color with a mono sound mix.


Plot summary

When a mother goes to work in a factory (see Rosie the Riveter), Porky Pig is hired to baby-sit. He quickly finds out that the baby is a violent-tempered infant. He tries to use a child psychology book to control the baby, to no avail. Eventually, the mother returns and uses the book to discipline the baby — by spanking.


  • When this cartoon aired on Cartoon Network and TNT, the end where Baby Percy impersonates Winston Churchill is cut with a fake fade-out.

References to then-current events

Porky finds Butch, called "Percy" by his mother, reading "Exquire Junior", a send-up on Esquire, which was considered quite racy then.

After Butch emerges from a pile of pots and pans with a pot on his head, he launches into a Winston Churchill impression, stating "We will fight until Hitler and his Nazi gangsters suffer disastrous, overwhelming and complete defeat!" While delivering his Churchill speech, Butch gives the V sign with his fingers while holding a cigar in the V sign.

The mother works at "Blockheed", a parody of Lockheed.

When the mother first meets Porky, she asks if he wants her to help defeat the Axis Powers. In the question, she uses the word "Japs", a derogatory term for Japanese people used commonly during World War II. In his response, Porky mentions "Schickelgruber", referring to Adolf Hitler's original surname.


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