Pólo Norte

Pólo Norte (North Pole, in english) is a portuguese band started in 1992, in Belas (Sintra).

The actual band (2007) is formed by: Miguel Gameiro (vocals), Tó Almeida (guitar), Marco Vieira (bass), João Gomes (keyboards) e Luís Varatojo (drum).

In 1995, Pólo Norte has published his first album called Expedição (Expedition), with the first hits of group, as "Lisboa" .

In 1996, the band has performed the album Aprender a ser feliz, one of the most popular title of the band. In 1999 has published his third album called Longe (Far away). In 2000, has edited an album on live, with all hits of the group. In 2002, Pólo Norte performed the album Jogo da Vida (Game of The Life) ). In 2005 has performed the album Deixa o Mundo Girar (Let the world to spin).


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