Exercise is repetitive, planned and structured activity that conditions any part of the body on which a person focuses. The Federal Government suggests people engage in approximately 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous-intensity activity on most days of the week, while not exceeding caloric intake requirements. Walking, jogging, swimming, sit-ups, and push-ups are common examples of exercise that require little, monetary investment with a huge, health payoff. Others prefer to work out in a gym with equipment or play team sports, which are also excellent opportunities to get active and stay fit.

Sometimes people work with weights, but exercise without weights should not be discounted, as these movements are beneficial too. For some, the goal of exercise is increased heartbeat, thus burning more calories, which could result in weight loss. This is called aerobic or endurance exercise. Other people would like to build more muscle and core strength, which might include actions with weights. This is called strength training.

In order to maintain healthy body weight and muscle tone, it is important to exercise regularly. Repetitive movement increases the heartbeat, which speeds up blood flow and oxygen throughout the body. These movements help the body fight off some diseases, like type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure. Exercise also signals the brain to release endorphins, which can help a person feel more peaceful and happy.

Beginners should look into recommended activity for their own level, as starting an exercise routine that is too strenuous could lead to injury. As one builds muscle tone and endurance, he or she may add more to a routine so the body and muscles do not lack a challenge. Regardless of a person's goal, most everyone agrees that exercise on some level, be it moderate or heavy, should be incorporated at least five days a week in order to maintain health and longevity.

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