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EXEcutional is a Thai language comic book written by Panuwat Wattananukul (ภานุวัฒน์ วัฒนนุกูล).


The story takes place in an online game called "Neo Universe" that there are 7,000,000 people around the world participating in the game. Furthermore, It is the online game that the players can play by using no keyboard nor joystick, but just headphone: just only connect a headphone to the game hardware and close your eyes, you will enter the game automatically and control the game by using your brain. Even though control the game by using the game is sounds dangerous, but the game administrator guarantee that it is 100 percent safe - That makes the people feel safe when they are playing the game. And in the short while, the game becomes popular, the number of the players are increasing everyday.

"Ganda" a young boy protagonist is also one of the player of that game. The story will focus on the war between a group of Game Master (GM), and a group of Anti-Game master that Ganda participating in, switch with a little bit of how Ganda and his friends doing and their relationship in the real world.

Unlike the others game online that they separate the players into different servers, Neo universe stuffs all 7,000,000 players in one server only! In the game there are four planets that the players live in:

  • Laputa: the planet that Ganda and his friends live in. It is the planet that almost all of the story take place.
  • Vertex: the mysterious planet that full of monsters and danger all around.
  • Reticulum: The planet that has the biggest trading and marketing area.
  • Muera: An Ore- rich planet, its technological aspect is much more advance than the rest.

There are thousands kind of weapons and items in the game, and also thousands kind of job!

Cliche, ordinary profession from other RPGs such as magician, knight or healer are quite rare in this game. Instead, there are many unconventional jobs assigned to player, ranging from randomizer to princess.

It seems like the game must take a long, long time and a huge number of staff to create. And there are a lot of mysterious data that awaits the reader to discover.

According to all of that, people consider Neo Universe to become "the next wonder of the world."


Neo Universe was an online game that was very popular in the story. Ganda participated the game, hoping to become a GM like his brother Vissana. Unfortunately, Ganda was tricked by an Anti-GM member named Waipoj, and Ganda accidentally became one of the Anti-GM members.

However, later Ganda learned that the Anti-GM was not an evil group as he thought. The real evil was GM members themselves as they were able to kill any player for their own purposes, and Anti-GM army was the only group that brave enough to challenge them

Ganda, accompanied with Passorn: the kind-young girl , Waipoj: the wily guy, Mr. Rabbit: the muscle head rabbit, Majsha: the chief of the group, Assada, and Kasem helped each other to completed the assigned missions. And in the game, Ganda also got a bunch of new friends such as Mint: an active girl who helped Ganda in both investment and fighting, Eric Herb Company and so on.

The highlight of part 1 was the battle between Anti-GM against GM in Winchester War. Ganda also fought against his brother, Vissana. The winner was Anti-GM that was able to drive the GMs away.


Anti-GM Army members


Age - 17
Job (In game/Real life) - Randomizer/High school student
ESP - Hyper Reaction Due to his ESP, Ganda has higher flexibility than average players, he can dogde dangers quicker than them. However, it is not related to his speed parameter, therefore, Ganda is not faster than normal players with the same speed status, he only has quicker response.

First appearance - In the very beginning of the story

He is the protagonist who is a player of Neo Universe. His dream is to become GM(GameMaster) like his elder brother "Vissana (วิศนะ)", but an accident event makes him become the leader of the 1st unit of Anti-GM army. He is an energetic boy, optimistic, and full of the power of will.


  • Miracle Treasure Box- Ganda's default skill. Ganda summons a treasure box in which he obtain random weapons.
  • Star Treasure Box- Ganda summons a Star Treasure box, which is a slot machine, of which Ganda plays to randomly receive status bonus or penalty. Ie, free speed boost or getting poisoned.
  • Rainbow Treasure Box- Ganda summons a Rainbow Treasure box, which is a game of pairing cards. Ganda can casts various spells of various elements at various levels depending on how well he play the game.

Note: The name "Ganda", literally means "beautiful, young lady" and it's suppose to be a girl's name. There's no specific reason why the author chose this name for him.


Age - 16
Job (In game/Real life) - 1st job - Ranger, 2nd job - Guardian/High school student (Ganda's classmate)
First Appearance - In the beginning of Vol. 1
She is a cheerful and lively girl who is one of the member of the 1st unit. She is Ganda's assistant who help Ganda along the way since he newly become one of the army. When she fight, she uses a long gun with a lot of shooting skills. In the real world, she is a shy girl. She's in love with Ganda but she never shows any clear expression, she only blushses when Ganda is around (only in the real world). All she can do is look at Ganda from the backseat.

Note: The pictures on the right: above is Passorn's image in game, and below is in the real world.


Age - 18
Job (in game/in the realworld) - Biologist/College student
First Appearance - In the beginning of Vol. 1
A wily guy who lured Ganda to become the 1st Division Captain of the Anti-GM Army. He is a creative guy that is full of strange and creative ideas, but he is a good guy actually. His skill is Gene mixing, creating a new monster to support him in battle by mixing the genes from various kinds of monsters. In other words, he has a lot of monster cards, when he throws some of his cards, the moster in the cards will make a fusion reaction and become a new kind of monsters (e.g. throw evil-eye, turtle shell, and iron dumbbell and they'll become an iron evil eye.)

Mr. Rabbit

Age - 14?
Job - General
First Appearance - In the beginning of Vol. 1
A muscled rabbit who also is in the 1st unit. He is the advisor for the army. According to the story it seems like he really like Ganda that whenever he meet Ganda he will greet by giving him a (deadly?) tight hug. His ability is unknown, just only know that he has skill to fight with bare hands. In the later part, he uses Spear as his weapons.

He is close friends with Majsha, the chief, both in the real world and in the game. Seems like he also is in a huge debt with Majsha


Age - 19
Job (in game/in the realworld) - 1st Job - Berserker, 2nd Job - Highlander/College Student
First Appearance - In the end of Vol. 1
He is the Captain of the 2nd division. He is the guy that is quiet all the time, hardly talks and his face doesn't show much emotion. according to Passorn he is a very shy person. His deathblow is a kind of fantastic sword tricks. Because of his high battle ability and level, he gains highl respect from everyone in the army, especially from his Vice-Captain, Kasem.

Due to some conflict with GM, He got defeated and Game Over. Since that time he Withdraw from the Anti-GM (temporary) and went down to the Winchester Maze Dungeon to train.

He later comes back to the team while The Winchester War is going on and Defeated 1 GM


Age - 14
Job (in game/in the realworld) - Fighter/Secondary school student
First Appearance - In the end of Vol. 1
Assada's Vice-Captain. A childish boy who is the member of 2nd unit. He is a hot-tempered boy. His skill is fighting with barehands. He participates in the army by Assada's invitation. Kasem once said that he entered the army because he wants to live near a person he likes.

However, in the manga, his personality can make the reader imagine that he is bisexual. He is always seen near Assada wherever he goes, but he also appreciate Passorn in his mind. Even though "The person he likes" doesn't clearly announce who it is, but we can guess that it probably be either "Passorn" or "Assada". Or both?


Age - 14
Job (In game/Real Life) - Key Master/Middle school student
ESP - Primaric Genius There had been only a few "true" geniuses ever born to this world, and Majsha is not in the top of genius ranks. However, she still is far superior than any girls of her age; she is cleverer than most adults too, for that matter.
First Appearance - In the beginning of Vol. 3
The leader of the Anti-GM army. Even though she is a young girl, she is probably the smartest and undoubtedly the strongest member of the Anti-GM Army. She is a gifted strategist and an exceptional leader. Her name "Majsha" literally means "fish" (in Thai language). In the first few chapters of comic she doesn't show her real face when communicating with the other members, instead the picture of a goldfish was used as her avatar.

As one of the twelve Key Masters, her Event Horizon weapon is "The Justice Ray".

Game Master (GM)

The Ruler of the World

Neo Universe is different from others MMORPGs in terms of what a GM can or cannot do. GMs of Neo Universe can do whatever they please, as long as it's not against the other rules. As a result GMs can abuse their power to their benefits.


His real name is Vissana. He is the only GM that has his real name revealed in the story. His code name is "Chilli". He loves his borther very much that he bought Neo Universe for Ganda because he knew that Ganda has no money to buy it. He doesn't show up in the real world, we just only know that he is one of the administrator of "Neo Universe."

In the game, he is quite crazy guy that loves to destroy every opponent who stands up against him. His skill is "Distortion Flame", a large fireball that can destroy everything around a certain radias. He invited Ganda to become GM like him, but, Ganda already became Anti-GM (by force), that makes Ganda and hos brother become enemies to each other in the game.


Letteuce is a GM who has long blond hair, wearing a coat. He specialized in utilizing various fields created from his weapon. Lettuce fought and killed Assada the first time day met; however, Ganda killed him in the Winchester War.
Weapon: Force of the Century- A device very similar to a Famicom.

  • Creating Field - Insert various "cartridges" into his Force of the Century, creating fields corresponding to each cartridge. Lettuce will also gain abilities from the field. For example, Bomber Cartridge creates Bomberman-like maze, and Lettuce can use bombs to attack his opponent. These fields can stack, meaning as the battle continue, lettuce will become stronger.
  • 24 K - His ultimate skill,by attacking using a cartridge, this skill deals damage in ~24,000 range.

Special note: When he uses the skill, his eyes' pupil will become invisible.


The GM who always wears a cap and eyescope (there is no reason why he wears eyescope all the time, may be it's just a decoration.) His weapon is called "Violence Killer": there are two types of weapon in a set, flashlight and chopsticks. His flashlight is completely an opposite with an ordinary flashlight, it will produce a dark light to blind his enemies. And while his opponent can't see anything, he will destroy his opponent's weapon by using the chopsticks touching it.


He is a bald guy who wears two pairs of glasses: at his eye and his forehead. He is a sadistic guy who likes to kill people (just in game!) his happiness is to see the opponent's blood and hear the screaming. His weapon is "Chainsaw massacre" is a three-bladed chainsaw.

When he takes of the glasses that cover his eyes he will become more powerful. His deathblow is a power wave with gravity force, the opponents are impossible to evade it unless they have high speed move or warp skill.


He is an old man wearing glasses. He is a high skill inventor in the GM group. He is the inventor of GM's transportation: the spaceship "Nexus."

He always carries a backpack, and inside the backpack, there are full of blueprints of construction plans.


A guy that is full of trick and guile who is a classmate of Assada in the real world. In the game, he likes to fool the opponents to make them misunderstand and think that they and him are on the same side. While the opponent isn;t aware, it's the time for him to kill! His weapon is "Raging Pain": the whip.

Trivia: His appearance and personality is quite similar with Ichimaru Gin in Bleach)


A GM who is specialized in magic. He especially is an expert on the star magic, which is the rarest and most powerful kind of magic. His older sister is married to Holy Order in the real world.

Weapon: Star Bridge When carrot starts to cast the spells, Star Bridge prevents the casting process form being cancel. All the damage received during casting will be zero, and knockback effects from the attacks received will be nullified.


  • Quazar: Send opponents to the center of the universe, the opponents are instantly killed. In addition, since their bodies are far away, it is very hard to resurrect them.


A GM. There is no information about him available right now.


A GM who looks like a boy wearing a lion costume. He acted like a very young boy: shows emotion directly, wants someone to cheer or comfort him, talks a lot, etc. He encountered Majsha in the pass, and almost defeated by her, resulting in his fear to The Justice Ray until now.
Weapon: Spartan X -A knife that small in appearance, its attack power varies depending on how much mp Broccoli put into it.

Holy Order

The master of GM. He appears as a middle-age man with short, blond hair. He seems to enjoy dueling Majsha in terms of brain power. He is laid back, but can turn serious when needed.
Weapon- Creature Master Ranked 6 star class rare items, it looks like a DS, with touch screen, clamshell design and a stylus pen. Holy Order has no offensive skills, he only has support types, which is used through Creature Master, by drawing different signs of skill on its screen.

  • Sacrifice Vision: User sacrifice his hp to heal all party member in range with an equal amount of hp. The user can die from this skill if the members are badly damaged.
  • Chain Vision: Allow a party to use chain attack without other process of using chain attack. In short, it cancels any attack sequences for the attack, only the final attack is chained together. This way the chain attack is less powerful than the completed one, but is much more faster to use.

Other Characters


age - 14
Job - Hero
First Appearance - In the mid of Vol. 2
The girl who appears in the real world. Ganda meets her in the first time when he walking around in the market in one evening. After they meet each other in the market once, looks like Ganda is suddenly falling in love with her that he compare her "as bright as stars in the sky."

In the later episodes, It is shown that Mr. Rabbit and Viriya is the same person. Since her Job is necessary to go through the Rabbit form.


First Appearance - In the mid of Vol. 3
Her job is monster dealer, the job that be able to buy items from monsters. The items that get from monsters are always cheaper than market price and sometimes rare. And she also has a personal skill in fast-calculation. According to all of that, she uses her skill in her advantage and become a successful investor in the game.
Job (ingame/ in real life)Monster Dealer/ Unknown
ESP: Activate Sense

In volume 3, Ganda and her are investing with Eric Herb company.

After the Winchester War, She joined GM as GM Mint

Eric Herb Company

First Appearance - In the mid of Vol. 3
Eric Herb Company is the company that selling herbs as the name said. (The herbs in the game is usually are the herb that can raise life point or battle ability)

The owner of the company is the girl named Kan. She is a sharp-tongued business woman. She accompanies with another three boys who are the same age as hers. The boys are: "Kitti" angry-faced farmer, "Ei" cocky-faced plant researcher, and "Samart" sleepy-faced surveyor.


  • First appearance - In the very beginning of the story

The badass guy that likes to trease the players who are weaker. His first and last appearance is in Chapter 1. Ganda and Waipoj has taught him a lesson.

There is nothing to say about him, though.

Merchant Committee and Barbarian Group

  • First Appearance - In the mid of Vol. 1

The picture on the right is the leader of the merchant committee. He is scary looking five-meter-tall man (approximately). He accompanies with another two guys who have similar appearance and as tall as him. His skills are "Shop remote": a skill that be able to force the weaker player to buy him a common item in a very high price, and "Shop remote arrange": force the weaker player to sell him their own item, maybe rare item, for a very low price.

His deathblow is "Shop fusion": He and his accompanion making their battle tank by combine their shops together.

And Babarian group is another group of merchant that appear in volume 1 (They are fighters and merchants at the same time). They have a conflict with the merchant committee that the merchant committee invading their trading area. They fight with each other. With the help of Ganda and his friend, the win the battle and get their area back.

Ped (Duck)

The anonymous Player whos form is a Duck (like Mr. Rabbit). He and Ganda were never in good terms (both in game and real world though Ganda doesn't know who is it). Every time they meet, they would throw weapons and curses (both words and curse items) at each other. It seems like Ped have a no limit of weapons.

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