heat exchanger

Any of several devices that transfer heat from a hot to a cold fluid. In many engineering applications, one fluid needs to be heated and another cooled, a requirement economically accomplished by a heat exchanger. In double-pipe exchangers, one fluid flows inside the inner pipe, and the other in the annular space between the two pipes. In shell-and-tube exchangers, many tubes are mounted inside a shell; one fluid flows in the tubes and the other flows in the shell, outside the tubes. Special-purpose devices such as boilers, evaporators, superheaters, condensers, and coolers are all heat exchangers. Heat exchangers are used extensively in fossil-fuel and nuclear power plants, gas turbines, heating and air conditioning, refrigeration, and the chemical industry. Seealso cooling system.

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Exchanger may refer to:

  • Digital currency exchanger, a market maker which exchanges fiat currency for electronic money
  • Exchanger (protein), an integral membrane protein that is involved in active transport of two or more different molecules or ions
  • Heat exchanger, a device built for efficient heat transfer from one medium to another
  • Pressure exchanger, a device that transfers pressure energy from a high pressure fluid stream to a low pressure fluid stream

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