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Vasilije III Petrović-Njegoš

Vasilije Petrović-Njegoš (Njeguši, 1709 - Petrograd, Russia, 10 March 1766) was a Prince bishop of Montenegro. He ruled together with Sava, his brother.



He ruled together with Sava, his brother. He was convinced that Montenegro, with Russian help, has to play crucial role in the restoration of the Serb Empire.

Literary Works

The "Short history of Montenegro" (Istorija o Černoj Gori), published in Moscow in 1754, is his most quoted work. It is the first known attempt of modern-day Montenegrins to document their history in writing. It is not strictly historiographical, but also geographical, ethnological and ethical description of its country.

In the "Ode to Nemanja", the founder of medieval Serb dynasty, Vasilije evokes Serb past with the words: holy Serb kings arise, and adds Serb bishops do not sleep, but entire night pray to God Serb empire to restore.

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