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Fund.com Inc. (OTCBB: FNDM.OB) is a publicly traded Internet company operating in the financial services, product development, licensing and publishing sectors, based in New York, NY. The company serves the needs of financial institutions, investors and the general consumer seeking information regarding investment fund options, including hedge funds, mutual funds, exchange-traded fund (ETFs), index funds, etc. Fund.com considers itself the sole company comprehensively focusing on the fund market for all potential investors.


Fund.com Inc. was formed in 2007 by Internet entrepreneurs Daniel Klaus, Lucas Mann, and Darren Rennick, who subsequently enlisted the executive services of Wall Street industry veterans; appointing Ray Lang the CEO, Greg Webster, president and Phil Gentile, COO.

The team took Fund.com public by executing a reverse merger with Eastern Services Holdings in January 2008. The merger resulted in the name change to Fund.com Inc, a unique ISBN number, and the ticker “FNDM.BB” on the OTC BB securities market.

Company Structure

Fund.com operates through three fully owned subsidiaries. The first, Fund.com Technologies operates Fund.com’s Internet properties and develops web investment content and tools. The second, Fund.com Managed Products Inc., specializes in developing asset management products. This subsidiary’s primary focus is to identify, construct, publish and license investment fund indexes. Fund.com Managed Products Inc. fully owns another subsidiary: Fund.com Capital Inc., which makes active (non-passive) investments in other financial institutions, fund management companies and strategic products.

Domain Name Sales

In March, 2008 Clek Media announced the company had brokered the sale of the domain name “Fund.com” for nearly $10,000,000 in an all-cash transaction, to the company Fund.com Inc. Fund.com Inc never put out a press release on the transaction. The purchase price is the highest recorded price in history, followed by Porn.com (9,500,000) Business.com (7,500,000) and Diamond.com (7,500,000.).


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