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Gulf Coast High School

Gulf Coast High School is a secondary education school located in Naples, Florida, and is the largest of nine public high schools located in Collier County. Gulf Coast High School is part of the District School Board of Collier County.

Gulf Coast High School opened its doors to Collier County students for the first time in August 1998. The total cost of the project was 44.5 million dollars.


National Merit

Gulf Coast High School has had several students in the past few years place as National Merit Scholarship Finalists.
Students recognized by National Merit Corp.
School Year Finalists Semi-Finalists Commended
2004-2005 1 1 6
2005-2006 5 6 5
2006-2007 1 1 6

Average standardized test scores

SAT, ACT and AP Scores for Gulf Coast High School
School Year SAT Verbal SAT Math SAT Writing*# ACT Composite ACT English ACT Math ACT Reading ACT Science AP Test Mean AP % 3 or above
2001-2002 498 508 - 20.4 20 20.4 20.5 20.3 3.22 71
2002-2003 493 506 - 20.7 20 21 21 20.6 3.34 77
2003-2004 500 514 - 21.1 20.2 21.5 21.2 20.9 3.1 67
2004-2005 498 505 - 21.1 20.2 21.1 21.7 21.1 2.9 61
2005-2006 496 508 503 21.9 n/a n/a n/a n/a 2.75 53
2006-2007 498 508 490 21.2 n/a n/a n/a n/a 2.85 59
*Due to discrepancy between district data and school specific data in terms of testing results, the SAT Writing score is taken from District Data, while Verbal and Math are taken from the school's data as they contain no writing section. #Note that the 2005-06 School Year was the first year the Writing section was part of the SAT by College Board.


Gulf Coast High School is one of the seven members of the Collier County Athletic Conference and also belongs to the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA). The school offers the following athletic programs.

Fall sports

Winter sports

Spring sports

Club Based Sports

The school lists some club sports that students can participate in. Lacrosse and Water Polo are specific to Gulf Coast, and they also list the Naples Bears Rugby club, which recruits from several area high schools. The school also lists Cheerleading as one of their sports, however the FSHAA considers it a "Recognized Sport" and not a "Sanctioned Sport."

Career academies

Gulf Coast High School is home to two different Career Academies. The goal of these programs is to help students that are interested in a certain career. Over the course of their high school education, students enrolled in the Academy take several classes relating to the Academy, some of which are classes specifically made for Academy Students.

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Academy

The Sports Marketing Academy has affiliated itself with the local Germain Arena. They put on shows and programs throughout the school year.

Medical Academy

The Medical Academy's goal is to prepare students to pursue a career in any medical field they may be interested in.


Gulf Coast High School is home to many different extracurricular clubs. An accurate, up-to-date list is difficult to keep, as clubs are added and dropped as students graduate or lose interest. However, some of the notable clubs are:

Marching Band

Gulf Coast High School is home to the 350-member 'Shark Marching Band.' The Band is under the direction of Mr. Robert Hamberg and has been recognized for their outstanding performances throughout the years. The Band performs at all Varsity Football Games and takes part in different events. In 2006, The Sharks received the Honor of being the First High School Band to ever perform at a Tampa Bay Buccaneer's Half-Time Show. The Band takes part in different parades, such as the Disney Magic Kingdom 'Share a Dream Come True' Parade and the Universal Studios' 'Macy's Christmas Parade.' The band also traveled to New York to perform in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.


Gulf Coast High School is part of District Six thespians and is International Thespian Society Troupe number 5876. Each year the theatre troupe puts on four main events. First there is a main-stage, full length production. There is also either a musical or dinner theatre, and then there are two shows featuring events scheduled to appear in District competition including Evening Extraordinaire: A One Act affair, and A Dramatic Showcase (featuring Individual Events). Occasionally there are other shows that are produced every few years, including the Pratfalls comedy show which appeared for its third production in 2005, and a Night of Improv, which returned April 2006 after its successful debut in Pratfalls III. The troupe performs in The Performing Arts Hall of Gulf Coast High School, one of the largest auditoriums in the school district.

The most recent District Competition took place January of 2007. Pieces are rated in the following fashion: Superior, Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor. In 2006, for the first time in troupe history, one theatre student received the award for Best Overall Technical Theatre Piece for their Costume Design in the District 6 Competition. This piece was chosen by the judges as the best technical theatre entry out of all the high schools participating, and out of all sub-categories in Technical Theatre. In 2007, three students were chosen to represent District 6 in State Competition. One received the award for Best Overall Technical Theatre Piece for a scenic design in the District 6 Competition, and a duo received the award for the Best Overall Pantomime in the District 6 Competition..


In 2004, Gulf Coast High School was one of thirteen schools nation-wide that received a $10,000 grant from the Lemelson-MIT Inventeams Program. The program is part of the Lemelson-MIT program which endeavors to foster a spirit of research and invention in high schools nationwide through grants. The GCHS Inventeam's invention was a hybrid between an air ionizing system similar to the Ionic Breeze and a typical ceiling fan. The idea was that the ceiling fan would circulate the air around the room, and as the air flowed over the ionizing system it would be cleaned as well, providing multipurpose from an appliance standard in many households.


Gulf Coast High School consists of 8 main buildings which enclose a courtyard which is 1/4 of a mile in size. Most of the building is on a single level, however Building 5, being the largest building, has classrooms on a second floor and the auditorium has a balcony on a second level. The school includes computer labs, a main gymnasium and an auxiliary gymnasium, a 3,000-seat football stadium, cafeteria, media center, TV Production Studio, darkrooms for photography, and an auditorium which is also home for the Opera of Naples.

*Bldg. 1: Administrative Offices
*Bldg. 2: Gymnasium
*Bldg. 3: P.E. Dept.
*Bldg. 4: Classrooms
*Bldg. 5: Classrooms
*Bldg. 6: Classrooms
*Bldg. 7: Cafeteria
*Bldg. 8: Auditorium; Music Classroms


The District School Board of Collier County Web Site updates each school's demographics daily. The update as of May 4, 2008 lists the school's demographics as follows:

Students by sex

Students by race

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