eX-Girl is a Japanese female pop trio.


They claim to hail from the planet Kero Kero. They are described as psychedelic, space rock, jazz fusion, jagged alternating vocal harmonies, sugary synthesiser pop, punk, prog, epic/atmospheric, noise-rock, wavering 3 part a capella, borderline operatic vocals, often in the space of a single song. Live performances are known to include home-made costume during the show, synchronised robot dancing and frog-related items. Enthusiastic supporters include Mike Patton and Jello Biafra:


eX-Girl formed in late 1997, the brainchild of Hoppy Kamiyama who gathered a trio of females, each with a strong singing background. Despite having no previous musical instrument experience, the girls were already touring after a minimum of practice, even releasing their first album Heppoco Pou in 1998, six months after being founded by Kamiyama. A brief tour to the United States followed due to Heppoco Pou being accepted warmly on a San Francisco college radio station.

Having now been acknowledged as something to look out for, eX-Girl managed to secure several support act positions and gain a small cult status in Japan and the United States. In the same year, their second album was released, entitled Kero! Kero! Kero!. Similar to the eccentric debut album but showing slightly more confidence n their playing, one particular track (Tofu Song) was a hint at the direction the third album would follow. The release "Kero! Kero! Kero!" was particularly welcome by sales managers of several Tower Records and Virgin Megastores. Comedy Central offered them an upcoming show spot upon which several fans came out to support them.

In 2000, the band ventured forward on their first European tour supporting Fantômas and promoting their third album, Big When Far, Small When Close - an a cappella album devoid of all instruments excluding the occasional triangle/chime and in one exception, tribal-esque drumming (Zozoi), instead relying on their strong and various multi-layered vocal harmonies. Impressed with eX-Girl, Mike Patton agreed to distribute the band's fourth and at the time most consistent album yet, Back To The Mono Kero (2001), through his label Ipecac. After the release of said album and while on tour in the United States again, the first casualty for the band occurred, with guitarist Chihiro leaving the band.

By 2002, eX-Girl had a new lady on guitar in the form of Keikos, formerly of Super Junky Monkey and were touring Finland to support the release of "Back To The Mono Kero" over there. Following this was possibly the biggest break for the band, being invited by Siouxsie & The Banshees to open for them for their United Kingdom tour, after having impressed them during their opening slot in the US tour leg. Further solo touring came afterwards along with recording of the Luna Rose single, used in a COSE lipstick commercial in Japan.

2003 saw another member, drummer Fuzuki, part ways with the band. Her replacement was Chapple, who brought another new dimension to the band's sound. Keikos too parted ways after new material for the fifth album was completed, being replaced by Zorek. During a festival in San Francisco, former Dead Kennedys frontman and Alternative Tentacles label owner, Jello Biafra saw eX-Girl's performance and praised the band greatly, offering to release their next album in the United States. In 2004, eX-Girl's latest (and most polished) album, Endangered Species was released on the AT label.

This year sees the return of Keikos to the fold and new drummer Yoko, taking over duties from a departing Chapple.

Band members

Current lineup

Kirilo/Kirilola - Bassist, synth player, vocalist and co-writer of all material with band manager/producer Hoppy Kamiyama. The only remaining original member left, she tends to be the leading figure of the group and comes up with most of their costume designs.

Keikos - Guitarist and vocalist. Her entrance into the band brought a meatier guitar and more aggressive guitar sound, most likely due to her time in Super Junky Monkey. Replaced Chihiro, departed, returned to the fold again.

Yoko - Drums and vocals. The latest addition to the eX-Girl lineup, replacing Chapple.

Previous members

Chapple - Former drummer and vocalist, she replaced Fuzuki and departed sometime in 2005. Her difficulty with the English language did not stop her from resonating charisma with her impeccable drumming and tendency to rarely refrain from smiling.

Zorek - Former guitarist and vocalist. Provided some guitar work for Endangered Species and replaced Keikos afterward. Departed from the band when Keikos returned. The more intricate guitar player the band.

Fuzuki - Former drummer and vocalist. The original drummer for eX-Girl, she had a troglodytic sound due playing a stand-up kit setup. When behind a traditional kit, was known to belt the floor tom with her stick.

Chihiro - Former guitarist and vocalist. The original guitarist who was not afraid to experiment despite her limited experience with the instrument.



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