Lidflower (Calyptranthes spp.) or Mountainbay is a large genus of flowering plants from the family Myrtaceae.

They are evergreen shrubs or small trees, growing to 5 m tall. They have simple, opposite, evergreen leaves and clusters of small flowers lacking petals. The sepals are capped in bud by a lidlike cover, which is shed later. The fruit is a dry, berry-like, reddish brown. The bark is smooth to scaly and pale-white in color.

Fourteen species occur within the U.S. in Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Pale Lidflower or Spicewood (C. pallens) is a shrub or small tree, that can grow to 7 m tall, with leaves 5–7.5 cm long and 1 cm wide; fruits oblong.

Myrtle-of-the-river (C. zygium) is a large, evergreen shrub from tropical America. It has smaller, elliptical leaves, a nipple-like apex on a floral lid, and globular fruits.



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