[ev-i-duhnt-lee, -dent-; for emphasis ev-i-dent-lee]

Evidently is a creative communications agency that manages and adapts visual communications in order to shape audience perception and behavior, transforming mundane information into unmissable communication.

The agency has won numerous awards for its creative work, which has included global brands such as Dove, Axe, Vodafone, Diageo and TGI Friday's.

Evidently remains an independent business with offices in the UK and the United States and was formed in 1997 by Daniel Saul Zeff. As an expert in metacommunication, Daniel Zeff has acted as both Creative Director and consultant for Evidently.

In 2007 Evidently opened its Branded Entertainment division and has recently entered into several joint ventures with broadcast networks.


Evidently is meaning therefore,obviously,or apparantly.Evidently is an adverb. [ev-i-duhnt-lee,-dent-;]
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