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The Hyannis Sound

The Hyannis Sound is a semi-professional a cappella singing group, comprised of 10 young men from around the country who convene each summer on Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the greater New England area (USA). The group is known for the diversity and complexity of their music and exciting shows that are one-of-a-kind, not only from summer to summer, but from one night to the next.

Every summer, the 10 members of Hyannis Sound embark on an ambitious performance schedule to entertain the summer and native residents of Cape Cod. In the course of 90 days, they perform at countless weekly shows (self-produced), parties, restaurants, backyard gatherings, cobblestone streets, and stadiums. The Sound's extensive repertoire of tunes spans over the past century of popular music (everything from R&B to Traditional to Rock) and is sure to please all ages and tastes.


The Hyannis Sound was founded in 1994 by Townsend Belisle. Encouraged by the success of the Vineyard Sound, which he founded and produced, Townsend decided to put together a similar group on Cape Cod. The group rented a house in Hyannis to live together. Starting small, the group made a name for itself by singing everywhere possible, for all who wanted to listen. After years of hard work and sturdy commitment, the group began to establish itself as one of the best entertainment groups on the Cape, and has grown into what it is now.

Since its inception, the group has enjoyed more and more public notice, and now holds five weekly concerts extending from Falmouth to Chatham. Thanks to members who founded and nurtured the group, newer members have enjoyed great Cape recognition, as well inherited dozens of friends and families. The group is also established as a non-profit corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.


To date, the Sound has recorded ten albums. Their first, Live, All-Natural A Cappella was a recording of their final 1994 concert. This was followed by Talk About It in 1996, On The Beach in 1999, 110 in 2001, Aged Ten Years in 2003 and Cape Standard Time in 2003. The recently released Route 6 (2005) caps off the collection, containing hits from the past two summers. In 2003, the group also began a practice of releasing an annual Bootleg, a live CD every year (recorded mid-Summer from one show and released at their final show of the summer).

The Hyannis Sound has performed the National Anthem at Fenway Park as well as various Cape Cod League games, and have been featured in publications including The Boston Globe, Cape Cod Magazine, and Martha Stewart Weddings.


Every year the lineup of ten guys has a turnover of a few members. The group hosts Springtime auditions in Boston and new guys are chosen from a national pool of that often includes nearly 100 candidates. They are judged for both their personality/character and musicality/performance. Most candidates have had experience with one of thousands of college or university acappella groups throughout the country (see CASA for a directory). These new members are put through a rigorous orientation of long rehearsals and joyful welcome by alumni, and soon finds themselves with a robust local and national following and a jam-packed summer schedule.

Former Members

Member '94 '95 '96 '97 '98 '99 '00 '01 '02 '03 '04 '05 '06
Roopak Ahuja

Joey Akl

Nate Altimari

Nick Asselin

Mike Barnicle

Alex Bartlett

Darrell Belch

Townsend Belisle

Greg Binstock

Warren Bloom

Ed Boyer

Jason Brown

Bill Caleo

James Caran

Dave Cary

Samrat Chakrabarti

Sasha Chanoff

Darren Coyle

Eric Fosbury

Dave Goryl

Dave Hannah

Mark Hannah

James Harrington

Tim Harrison

Matt Henderson

Matt Knowland

Brendan Largay

Mike LeBlanc

Dylan M-M

Mark Manley

Winston Miller

Nick Niles

Dave Petrelli

Aarron Pina

Mike Roufa

Victor Sandman

Aithan Shapira

Rob Stewart

Jason Taylor

Jeff Tolonen

Judd Tomaselli

Collins Ward

Matt Wrobel

Notable Former Members

Roopak Ahuja, performer in the professional vocal group House Jacks
Nathan Altimari, Boston-based vocalist in vocal band Firedrill!
Mike Barnicle, Boston-based performer in the professional vocal groups Five O'Clock Shadow and Firedrill!
Townsend Belisle, NYC-based producer at Haystack Needle and manager of such artists as Naturally7 and Breaking Laces
Warren Bloom, NYC-based bass singer in the vocal band Invisible Men
Ed Boyer, NYC-based producer and recording engineer.
Jason Brown, NYC-based bassist in the band Fixer
James Caran, SF-based producer and recording engineer.
Samrat Chakrabarti, LA-based actor Samrat
Sasha Chanoff, Boston-based founder of Mapendo
Dave Goryl, LA-based comedian with roles in There's Something About Mary" and various commercials.
Tim Harrison, LA-based voice actor and Associate Producer with Vivendi Games.
Matt Henderson, AZ-based guitarist and lead singer in the band EastonAshe
Vic Sandman, Boston-based singer in the band Firedrill!
Rob Stewart, Northampton-based Creative Director at graphic design studio Rob & Damia Design
Judd Tomaselli, Boston-based bass in vocal band Firedrill!
Matt Wrobel, Boston-based VP in vocal band Firedrill!

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