Everything's Eventual

Everything's Eventual is a collection of 14 short stories written by Stephen King and published in 2002.


Title Originally published in
Autopsy Room Four Six Stories (1997)
The Man in the Black Suit October 31, 1994 issue of The New Yorker
All That You Love Will Be Carried Away January 29, 2001 issue of The New Yorker
The Death of Jack Hamilton December 24/31, 2001 issue of The New Yorker
In the Deathroom Blood and Smoke audiobook (1999)
The Little Sisters of Eluria Legends (1998)
Everything's Eventual October/November 1997 issue of The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction
L. T.'s Theory of Pets Six Stories (1997)
The Road Virus Heads North 999 (1999)
Lunch at the Gotham Café Dark Love (1995)
That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French June 22/29, 1998 issue of The New Yorker
1408 Blood and Smoke audiobook (1999)
Riding the Bullet Riding the Bullet e-book (2000)
Luckey Quarter June 30/July 2, 1995 issue of USA Weekend

"The Little Sisters of Eluria" is part of The Dark Tower series.

Story order

In the introduction to the book, King describes the unusual method he used to sort the stories:

''"What I did was take all the spades out of a deck of cards plus a joker. Ace to King = 1-13. Joker = 14. I shuffled the cards and dealt them. The order in which they came out of the deck became the order of the stories, based on their position in the list my publisher sent me. And it actually created a very nice balance between the literary stories and the all-out screamers. I also added an explanatory note before or after each story, depending on which seemed the more fitting position. Next collection: selected by Tarot."

Audio versions

The audio versions of the stories in this collection are spread over several products.

Everything's Eventual: Five Dark Tales contains these stories:

The Man in the Black Suit: 4 Dark Tales contains these stories:

Blood and Smoke contains these stories:

Riding the Bullet and L. T.'s Theory of Pets are available as individual single-story productions.

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