Upper Dublin School District

Upper Dublin School District is located in Upper Dublin Township, Montgomery County, Pennsylvania.

General information

The school district operates four elementary schools, one middle school, and one high school. Therefore, it serves students in grades K-12. The professional staff has an average of 16 years teaching experience and approximately 90% hold advanced degrees. The Upper Dublin School District is a separate governmental body from Upper Dublin Township, guided by the statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. It has a Board of Directors elected by the residents with the power to levy taxes within state guidelines. A superintendent is in charge of day-to-day operations as well as strategic planning.

Board of directors

  • Joseph Chmielewski, Vice President, Facilities Chairperson, MCIU Board President
  • Michael Paston, President
  • David Robinson, Treasurer
  • Debbie Mendelson, Secretary, EAC Liaison
  • Bert Saddler, Assistant Secretary,
  • Art Levinowitz, Personnel Chairperson, Eastern Center V.P.
  • Margie Barrett
  • Bert Saddler
  • Wade Coleman, "Business Administrator"
  • Michael J. Pladus, Ed.D., Superintendent

Accreditation and recognition

The four elementary schools (K-5), the middle school (6-8), and the high school (9-12) are all accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Upper Dublin High School became a Blue Ribbon School of Excellence in 1996, recognized by the United States Department of Education.

K-12 paradigmatic accreditation

Upper Dublin School District was the first school district in Pennsylvania to receive a K-12 paradigmatic accreditation from the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools. Approximately 400 staff, community members, students, parents, and township officials were involved in the process.

District characteristics

  • Class sizes of 22-26 students in major subject areas
  • Up-to-date, well-maintained facilities, including:
    • A planetarium
    • Technology labs
    • Modern libraries with computerized circulation
  • Subject area coordinators and supervisors
  • Special Education programs in all buildings
  • Technology, including computers, in each classroom
  • Comprehensive guidance and counseling services
  • Induction programs and mentors for new teachers
  • A curriculum that addresses the potential of all students
  • Community partnerships that broaden and strengthen the educational process

Parent-teacher groups

Parent volunteer groups are active in all five Upper Dublin schools. Parent-teacher groups sponsor special assembly programs, Child Watch programs, the Safe Home program (at the High School), school dances and fairs, after-school enrichment classes, and other activities and events. The Parent-Teacher Council is the umbrella organization for the parent-teacher groups. Parents are encouraged to join these organizations.


Fort Washington Elementary School

External links

Jarrettown Elementary School

Jarrettown Elementary School is located in Dresher, Pennsylvania. The campus is on a wooded lot with a large open play field lined with tall, old trees. Surrounding the campus are residential developments, some established and others brand new.

  • Cheryl Arena, Ed.D., Principal

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Maple Glen Elementary School

Maple Glen Elementary School is the newest school in the Upper Dublin School District; the school opened in September 2002. The single story building is 86,000 square feet. The school, which has been the home to roughly 450 students each year since its inception, was designed to be easily expanded to accommodate an ultimate enrollment of 600 students. The school is aesthetically pleasing inside and out, with a shingled roof and landscaping that is compatible and sympathetic to its surrounding neighbors.

The interior of the school houses a full-size gymnasium, library, cafetorium, computer laboratory, and a networked technology infrastructure that is expandable and upgradeable. Each of the twenty five classrooms feature floor to ceiling bay windows which, in addition to providing views of the outdoors, make comfortable and inviting spaces for small group activities. Additional features include an art suite, equipped with a visual, wet and kiln room, band and vocal music rooms, a PTO room, health suite, guidance suite, and an expandable large group room. Smaller sized seminar rooms are utilized by the speech and language pathologist, reading specialist, and school psychologist. All rooms, classrooms included, are equipped with a telephone, making communication convenient while adding an additional safety feature.

Several exterior courtyards serve as outdoor classrooms and help to expand learning opportunities beyond the walls of the school. The school has two developmental playgrounds designed specifically for younger and older children, including those with physical challenges.

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Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School

Thomas Fitzwater Elementary School (TFES), located in Willow Grove, PA, opened in 1962. Its mascot is a cheetah named Speedy. A statue named "The Swimmer II" greeted students at the front of the building every day, but now the staff have taken it down for remodeling. They have some of the best, certified teachers in Upper Dublin.

  • Joanna Roger, Ed.D., Principal

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Sandy Run Middle School

  • Denise Falconi, Principal
  • Steve Pickford, Assistant Principal
  • Jerry Thompson, Assistant Principal

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Upper Dublin High School

See Upper Dublin High School.

Administration Center

  • Michael J. Pladus, Ed.D., Superintendent

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