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European Country Music Association

The European Country Music Association (ECMA) was established in 1994 in the UK and Spain, Europe, by some people related to the European Country music scene, as publishers, DJs and musics. It originally consisted of less than 100 members and the very first president was UK's Harry E. Fenton. After Fenton's death, Rafel Corbi--a DJ from Spain--was elected to the presidency and he remains in charge of the organization, which is still a non-profit making association. All Board of Directors are volunteers. It was the first organization formed in Europe to promote country music thru a general level, covering all Europe, not just one of its nations or countries. The objectives of the organization are to help promote country music in this continent and help as much as it cans the value of the European artists and record labels; also to provide a proof of real airplay to Country Music industry thru its weekly national and pan-European charts. Its national Top-20 covers weekly Spain, France, Belgium, Holland, UK, Ireland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Czech Republic, Swizertland, Malta, Poland and Austria.

ECMA membership is composed of those persons or organizations that are involved in Country Music throughout the world, having members in USA, Canada, UK, Australia and many European Countries. ECMA has over 150 stations and DJs reporting their playlists every week.

The ECMA also has its annual awards: here are some of the previous winners for the last two years (votes comes only from members of the organization):

ECMA Awards 2006 Announced July 8th, 2006

SONG OF THE YEAR: Faith Hill. Mississippi girl ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Troy Cook Jr. MALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR: Todd Fristch FEMALE VOCALIST OF THE YEAR: Lucie Diamond GROUP/BAND OF THE YEAR: Slow Horses DUO OF THE YEAR: Brooks & Dunn VOCAL COLLABORATION OF THE YEAR: Roy Rivers & Dolly Parton. Thank God I'm A Country Boy (Roy Rivers send the following message along with Dolly: "Dear Voting Members and Professionals of the ECMA, it is with great excitement and thanks that Dolly and I accept your votes awarding us the 2006 Vocal Collaboration of the Year award! For me personally to have been nominated in so many categories was both a humbling and empowering experience. To actually win this award is a tremendous honor that will always be looked back upon as a cherished highlight of my career in music.I look forward to bringing more music to the great people of Europe in the future. I feel I've found a home there, and like everyone, I'm always anxious to return home. Thank-you for honoring and accepting me! Peace, Roy Rivers") COUNTRY PROMOTER OF THE YEAR: Ross Allen COUNTRY RADIO DJ OF THE YEAR: Etienne Bertels & Pete Smith EUROPEAN COUNTRY ARTIST OF THE YEAR: Lucie Diamond ECMA FUTURE STAR AWARD: Lucie Diamond (UK) ALBUM OF THE YEAR: "Todd Fristch". Todd Fristch COMPOSITION OF THE YEAR: I Can't Look At That (Christian Ulrich Schulz & Tom Dyba), sung By Slow Horses


Entertainer of the Year: Troy Cook Jr. (USA) Song Of The Year: Gretchen Wilson's "Redneck Girl" (USA) Vocal Collaboration of the Year: Rustie Blue & Bill Anderson for "Chip Chip" (USA) Male Vocalist of the Year: Arly Karlsen (Norway) Female Vocalist of the Year: Ashley Robertson (Canada) Band/Group of the Year: Slow Horses (Germany) European Entertainer of the Year: Tommy The UK Cowboy (UK) Duo of the Year: Paul & Helen Mateki (USA) Promo Agents/Public Relations Company of the Year: RhonBob Promotions (USA) Horizon Award: Gretchen Wilson (USA) Most Played Artist Award: Troy Cook Jr. (USA)

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