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Future of Identity in the Information Society

The Future of Identity in the Information Society (FIDIS) is a large EU-sponsored NoE (Network of Excellence) targeting various aspects of digital identity and privacy. The partners of the project are universities and companies working in areas related to digital identity. FIDIS areas of interest include new forms of ID cards, usage of identifiers in information systems, technologies used for citizen's identification and profiling.

About the FIDIS Network of Excellence

The European Information Society (EIS) requires technologies which address trust and security yet also preserve the privacy of individuals. As the EIS develops, the increasingly digital representation of personal characteristics changes our ways of identifying individuals, and supplementary digital identities, so-called virtual identities, embodying concepts such as pseudonymity and anonymity, are being created for security, profit, convenience or even for fun. These new identities are feeding back into the world of social and business affairs, offering a mix of plural identities and challenging traditional notions of identity. At the same time, European states manage identities in very different ways. For example, in Germany holding an ID card is mandatory for every adult, while in the UK state-issued ID cards do not exist. FIDIS objectives are shaping the requirements for the future management of identity in the EIS and contributing to the technologies and infrastructures needed.

FIDIS work is structured into 7 research activities:

FIDIS objectives are (1) to analyse various concepts of identity, (2) to analyse current and future instruments for Identity management (IdM) from an interdisciplinary perspective, (3) to build up definitions, taxonomies and classification systems, and (4) to give advice to stakeholders in Euro-pean governments, the economic sector and citizens:

  • "Identity of Identity"
  • Profiling
  • Interoperability of IDs and ID management systems
  • Forensic Implications
  • Privacy and the legal-social content of identity
  • HighTech ID
  • Mobility and Identity

As a multidisciplinary and multinational NoE FIDIS, appropriately, comprises different country research experiences with heterogeneous focuses, and integrates European expertise around a common set of activities. Additionally, all relevant stakeholders are addressed to ensure that the requirements are considered from different levels. FIDIS overcomes the extreme fragmentation of research into the future of identity by consolidating and fostering joint research in this area. Research results will be made accessible to European citizens, researchers and in particular to SMEs. FIDIS will accomplish ERA objectives by durably integrating the research implementation efforts, as well as the medium term target setting, and in the long run the strategic objective planning.



Some participants

Knowledge related Activities

The FIDIS in Wikipedia initiative

  • FIDIS has made a WikiProject_Council/Proposals#WikiProject_Identity_in_the_Information_Society (Identity in the Information Society) for a for making some of the terminology work conducted in FIDIS available into Wikipedia. The idea is to have FIDIS to contribute to a better definition of the Identity concepts in Wikipedia.
    • Note: We are currently in the process of identifying a list of identity related terms candidate for the contribution of FIDIS participants (and of course other members interested in this WikiProject). We have been working for some time on an internal Wiki of Identity terms, and we would like to make others to benefit from this work (FIDIS receives public funding from the European Commission, and one of its mission is to disseminate the results).
    • A continuation of this initiative may consist in the creation of a on the subject of Identity (similar to ).

Knowledge and communities

  • FIDIS is using social bookmarking with to collect and annotate resources.
  • FIDIS social network and community platform: an internal social platform has been set-up to support the networking of the FIDIS consortium
  • FIDIS has created some groups in public social networking systems. In LinkedIn, group: FIDIS; in FaceBook group: fidis

Knowledge Agregation


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