Ethyl butyrate


Ethyl butyrate, also known as ethyl butanoate, or butyric ether, is an ester with the chemical formula CH3CH2CH2COOCH2CH3, with one oxygen having a double bond. It is soluble in propylene glycol, paraffin oil and kerosene.

Table of physical properties

Property Value
Critical temperature (Tc) 296 °C (569 K)
Critical pressure (pc) 3.10 MPa (30.64 bar)
Critical density (ρc) 2.38 mol.l-1
Refractive index (n) at 20 °C 1.390 - 1.394


It is commonly used as artificial flavoring such as pineapple flavoring in alcoholic beverages (i.e. martinis, daiquiris etc); solvent; in perfumery products and as a plasticizer for cellulose.


It can be synthesized by reacting ethanol and butyric acid. This is a condensation reaction, meaning water is produced in the reaction as a byproduct.

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