Eternal Life

Eternal Life

"Eternal Life" is a song composed by Jeff Buckley and is track #9 on his album Grace. It also has a video. It is believed to have been influenced by a long-time love for Led Zeppelin's music and a wish to emulate them in this song. "Eternal Life" can also be found on his 1993 EP Live at Sin-é.

Captured on the Live at Sin-é release, is an explanation as to the meaning of this song:

"This is a song about...its an angry song. Life's too short and too complicated for people behind desks and people behind masks to be ruining other people's lives, initiating force against other people's lives, on the basis of their income, their color, their class, their religious beliefs, their whatever..."

In Jeff's own words, " Eternal Life was inspired by anger over "the man that shot Martin Luther King, World War II, slaughter in Guyana and the Manson murders."

Track listing

  1. "Eternal Life"
  2. "Eternal Life" (road version)
  3. "Last Goodbye" (live and acoustic in Japan)
  4. "Lover, You Should've Come Over" (live and acoustic in Japan)


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