Eternal Damnation

Eternal Damnation

Eternal Damnation is the second full-length album released by Cypriot Power metal band Winter's Verge. It was recorded in Germany and released in April 2008 by Limb Music Productions. The songs from the previously unreleased demo album Another Life...Another End were completely re-worked and re-recorded. The album combines elements of power, epic and progressive metal. The music is characterised by fast-paced riffs, double-bass drumming and soaring vocals, with interspersed keyboard parts and composition influenced by classical music.

Track listing

  1. Eternal Damnation 04:46
  2. My Winter Sun 04:52
  3. Get Me Out 03:55
  4. Hold My Hand 05:09
  5. A Secret Once Forgotten 05:25
  6. Goodbye 05:42
  7. Spring Of Life 04:09
  8. Can You Hear Me 05:18
  9. For I Have Sinned 03:02
  10. To You I Sail Tonight 06:35
  11. Suicide Note 03:31



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