Jambandu Indigobird

The Jambandu Indigobird (Vidua raricola) is a species of bird in the Viduidae family. It is fouAlternate common name(s): Goldbreast Indigobird Old scientific name(s): None known by website authors and in Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, and Sudan. Scientific Name: Vidua raricola English Name: Jambandu Indigobird French Name: Combassou de Jamdandu German Name: Spanish Name: Peters Family Name: PLOCEIDAE(Viduinae):Indigo-birds and Whydahs Search by family Sibley-Monroe Family Name: PASSERIDAE(Estrildinae,Viduini):Whydahs Search by family Gill (2nd Ed.) Family Name: ESTRILDIDAE:Estrildine Finches,Whydahs Search by family Breeding: Habitat: savanna,brush Distribution: sGUINEA,SIERRA_LEONE,LIBERIA,IVORY_COAST,GHANA,BURKINA_FASO,TOGO, BENIN,NIGERIA,CAMEROON,CENTRAL_AFRICAN_REPUBLIC,sSUDAN,neZR Subspecies: none Red Book Status: Low Risk or Not Evaluated


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