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Other technologies


Spain and Spanish

  • Español, the Spanish language (non-ISO language code)
  • ISO 3166-1, the 3-letter ISO code for
  • Spanish peseta, the ISO 4217 code for the former currency of Spain

Other uses

  • Equality, Sustainability and Peace, three intertwined and interconnected ideals formulated by Dr. Alberto Gomes.
  • Equality, Sustainability and Peace: Community for AlterNative Development, a group that follows the ideals forumlated by Dr. Alberto Gomes, who feel equality, sustainability and peace are inherently related, and that to uphold people’s equal rights and access to resources and to develop and learn sustainable ways of living, is to naturally promote peace.
  • Effective Sensory Projection, a term used in the Silva Method
  • Electron spin trapping, a scientific technique
  • Empire State Pullers, a New York Tractor Pulling Circuit
  • Equally spaced polynomial in mathematics
  • Eurosport, a sports channel
  • Explosive Sticky Projectiles, an unlockable weapon in Battlefield 2142
  • Empire State Plaze in Albany, New York, U.S.A

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