Erythema marginatum

Erythema marginatum

Erythema marginatum is described as the presence of pink rings on the trunk and inner surfaces of the arms and legs which come and go for as long as several months.

An association with bradykinin has been proposed.


The rings are barely raised and are non-pruritic. The face is generally spared.

Associated conditions

It occurs in less than 5% of patients with rheumatic fever, but is considered a major _Modified_Jones_Criteria when it does occur. The four other major criteria include carditis, polyarthritis, Sydenham's Chorea, and subcutaneous nodules.

It is an early feature of rheumatic fever and may be associated with mild carditis (inflammation of heart muscle).


Some sources distinguish between the following:

  • "Erythema marginatum rheumaticum"
  • "Erythema marginatum perstans"


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