errand boy

The Errand Boy

The Errand Boy was filmed from July 24-September 1, 1961, and was released on November 28, 1961 by Paramount Pictures.


Paramutual Pictures decides that they need a spy to find out the inner workings of their studio. Morty Tashman (Jerry Lewis) is a paperhanger who happens to be working right outside their window. They decide that he is the man for the job and hire him on the spot. He bumbles his way through a series of misadventures, reporting everything back to the corporate executives.


The cast of Bonanza have a cameo appearance, and Joe Besser—former member of the Three Stooges—has a bit part.


The Errand Boy was re-released on a double bill with another Jerry Lewis film, Cinderfella in 1967.

DVD release

The film was released on DVD on October 12, 2004.

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