Equalize is an Urban Desi album by the critically-acclaimed UK band Swami released on September 24th, 2007.

The album was very widely anticipated, due to the massive success of their two previous albums, 2004's DesiRock, and 2005's So Who Am I (a re-mixed version of DesiRock)

The tracklisting was confirmed on April 16th 2007 by BBC Radio 1 DJ Nihal, and the name was confirmed on May 8th 2007, by bandmember DJ Swami on the official Swami forum.

The album features South African vocalist Ishmael, French rap group Asuivre, Sonia Panesar, Lady Ru, Romesh Chohan, Bobby Panesar, El Feco, Pras of The Fugees, MC Spee of Dreadzone, Yam Boy, Boostylz, as well as Swami vocalists S-Endz and Sups.

Song Premieres

On May 23rd 2007, a 1 minute clip of 'Electro Jugni' was premiered on Swami's Official MySpace page, as well as the press release for the new album. On June 15th, a live version of the song was premiered instead, recorded at the 2007 Wychwood Festival.

'Hey Hey' premiered on MySpace on August 1st and the album artwork was revealed at the same time. Following the premiere of the song and artwork, the MySpace page was changed to reflect the new release date of September 2007.

On June 11th 2008, an all-new English language version of 'Electro Jugni', entitled 'She's Mine' was premiered by Nihal on BBC Radio 1. This is scheduled to be released as a digital single in the fall.


1. Hey Hey ft. Boostylz
2. Electro Jugni
3. Intoxicated ft. Lady Ru
4. Ching ft. Spee
5. Pushin' ft. Pras Michel & Ishmael
6. Shakedown ft. El Feco
7. Break ft. Ishmael
8. Can't Let Go ft. Errol Reid & Yam Boy
9. Give It What U Got ft. A Suivre
10. In Your Eyes ft. Sonia Panesar

Limited Edition Release

On September 10th, it was announced on Swami's MySpace that anyone pre-ordering the album through MySpace would receive a limited signed edition and also receive the album before the official release date.

B-Sides, Remixes and Alternate Versions

1. Can't Let Go (unplugged mix)
This mix first appeared as an exclusive for the DesiHits website, and later via the website, on the 6th November.

2. Hey Hey (Tigerstyle Remix)
mentioned by DJ Swami in an interview with Eastern Eye newspaper on October 12th, 2007 and released via the website on 23rd October.

3. Hey Hey (English Version)
mentioned by DJ Swami in an interview with Eastern Eye newspaper on October 12th, 2007 and released via the website on 23rd October.

4. Break (Demixify Mix)
released via the website on the 6th November.

5. Ching (radio edit)
released via the website on the 20th February 2008.

6. Pushin' (EMI India album version)
contains an additional English chorus by Ishmael.

7. Electro Jugni featuring Dede Lopez (EMI India album version)
contains a new female English chorus by Swedish pop singer Dede Lopez.

8. Electro Jugni (2008 single release)
Punjabi vocals have been re-sung by Sups, with an additional Hindi chorus by Liana and new rap verse and adlibs by S-Endz.

9. She's Mine
English language version of Electro Jugni with new verses from Sups, English chorus by Liana, and the same rap verse and adlibs by S-Endz as #8.

10. Ching (Shiva Soundystem Mo-Flow Remix)
released via the website on the 10th May 2008.

11. Hey Hey (Video Version)
The mix of the song used in the music video contained the same Punjabi lyrics as the album version but sung by Sups.

12. Electro Jugni (Live from Wychwood Festival 2007) This appeared on Swami's official MySpace page for a few months in 2007.

Tracks #1-#7 all appeared on the EMI India release of 'Equalize'.

Music Videos

On August 29th, 2007, a preview of a live video for Electro Jugni was uploaded to the video-sharing site YouTube.

A month later, stills from a forthcoming video for Hey Hey were uploaded to Swami's MySpace blog and the full video was premiered a week later on YouTube.

In May 2008, it was revealed that a full music video for Electro Jugni had been filmed and is due to release in June. A preview of the video surfaced on YouTube around the same time.


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Review by BBC Radio 1 DJ Nihal
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