EPI is an acronym or initialism that may mean one of the following:

Epi is also

  • the central flower in a wheat stalk.
  • an island and a volcano on Vanuatu, see Epi (island).
  • Epi, the abbreviation for the orchid genus Epidendrum
  • a term used in medical jargon for epinephrine, a neurotransmitter which is also known as adrenaline.
    • example: an Epipen for use against acute allergic reaction
  • a loaf consisting of a line of eight baguette rolls.
  • in category theory, some authors use the term "epi" for epimorphisms.
  • In semiconductor manufacturing Epi layer refers to Epitaxial layer.
  • The nickname of Juan Antonio San Epifanio, a Spanish retired Basketball player.
  • a prefix given to one of an epimeric pair in chemistry
  • a shortening for episode
  • a prefix to phone in the guitar company Epiphone

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