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Epaenetus, in the New Testament, convert living at Rome.
Epaenetus may refer to the following persons:

  • Epaenetus (Greek:Ἐπαίνετος, praised), a Christian at Rome to whom Paul sent his salutation. Epaenetus was one of the first Christians and beloved friend of Paul.
  • Epaenetus (633 -632 BC), an Archon of Athens.
  • Epaenetus, son of Silanus, a Macedonian Tethrippon winner at Lykaia in 308 BC.
  • Epaenetus, admiral of Ptolemy I Soter. He and Agis managed to suppress the revolt of Cyrene, Libya in 312 BC.
  • Epaenetus of Andros, a lover of Neaira.
  • Epaenetus, a culinary author frequently referred to by Athenaeus, who wrote one work "On Fishes and another "On the Art of Cookery".



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