epacris obtusifolia


Epacris is a genus of about 35-40 species of flowering plants in the family Ericaceae, though formerly often treated in a separate family Epacridaceae. The genus is native to eastern and southeastern Australia (southeast Queensland south to Tasmania and west to southeast South Australia), New Caledonia and New Zealand. The species are known as heaths or Australian heaths.

Epacris Impressa ranges from 1-3m in height. Epracris is from the Epacridacae family and the common name is the Pink or Common Heath. The Common Heath is a very bright coloured species so it is pollenated through birds and insects. The Common Heath was collected from Tasmania in 1793 by the French botanist, Jacques-Julien Houton de Labillardiere during his voyage with Bruny D'Entrecasteaux on the unsuccessful search for the missing explorer, La Perouse. Following Bruny's death in July 1793.Victoria was the frist Australian State to give official recognition to such an emblem.

E. impressa is the state flower of Victoria.Selected species

  • Epacris acuminata
  • Epacris apsleyensis
  • Epacris barbata
  • Epacris breviflora
  • Epacris exserta
  • Epacris glabella
  • Epacris heteronema
  • Epacris impressa - Common or Pink Heath
  • Epacris lanuginosa - Woolly Heath
  • Epacris longiflora - Fuchsia Heath
  • Epacris microphylla - Coral Heath
  • Epacris mucronulata
  • Epacris obtusifolia - Blunt-leaf Heath
  • Epacris paludosa - Swamp Heath
  • Epacris pulchella
  • Epacris purpurascens - Port Jackson Heath
  • Epacris reclinata
  • Epacris rigida - Keeled Heath
  • Epacris serpyllifolia - Thyme Heath
  • Epacris stuartii
  • Epacris tasmanica
  • Epacris virgata

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