Fracture (video game)

Fracture is a video game for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 by Day 1 Studios, and was released on October 7th 2008 in North America. The game will be released in Europe on October 10th 2008.


Global warming and the search for methods of combating its effects have split the United States, and the world, in two. In the east is the Atlantic Alliance, a staunch supporter and leading innovator of cybernetic solutions to the world's problems. Their adversary is the Republic of Pacifica and their Pacific Rim allies in the west. They advocate adapting the human genome to cope with the changing world. Both factions are armed with a new type of tectonic technology that allows armies to raise and lower defenses out of the earth at any location of their choosing.


Fracture will include deformable terrain, which is a key aspect of gameplay. The player will have the possibility to at any time lower or raise the terrain with the Entrencher weapon. There will also be a grenade in the game that is called the Spike grenade that makes a giant pillar of rock shoot out of the ground where you throw the grenade.


Music for the game was composed by award-winning composer Michael Giacchino along with Chad Seiter and Chris Tilton.


IGN gave Fracture a 5.9 citing low sound quality, low replayability, and repetitiveness.


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