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Czesław Bieżanko

Czesław Marian Bieżanko (November 22, 1895 in Kielce – 1986) was a Polish entomologist and recognized authority on South American butterflies.

He was professor of the Agronomic College in Pelotas and Doctor Honoris Causa of the Agricultural Academy. Bieżanko established the generic classification of butterflies. Two butterfly families were named after him and eleven entomologic species bear his name.

In 1964 he published a list of his publications (Biezanko C. M., 1964: Lista das publicacoes de C. M. Biezanko. Entomologia (Available publications). 8 pp. 50 1.75)(Not including his last Genero e espécies dedicados a C. M. Biezanko. 1 pp. 50 1.75 and Kilka slów o Francesco Stancaro. 4 pp.(all 1965).

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