The Entolomataceae, also known as Rhodophyllacae are a large family of pink spored terrestrial gilled mushrooms which includes the genera Entoloma, Leptonia, Nolanea, and Clitopilus. Mushrooms in the Entolomataceae typically grow in woodlands or grassy areas and have attached gills, differentiating them from the Pluteaceae which have free gills.

Members of the Entolomataceae are unusual in that they have spores which are angular and colored dull red, pinkish, salmon, or buff.

One notable member is the edible Miller mushroom (Clitopilus prunulus). Many members of the Entolomataceae are poisonous and most are very obscure and difficult to properly identify. Several are dangerously poisonous and responsible for a number of poisonings over the years, including Entoloma sinuatum of Europe and North America, and E. rhodopolium in Japan.

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